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Natural Remedies for Tightening Your Facial Skin – Your 7 Step Guide to Firm Skin

Are you ready to take the necessary steps to regain your tight, smooth skin? Are you sick of treatments that harm your skin? Follow these steps to firm skin, because natural remedies for tightening your facial skin are the best way to go if you value long term skin health.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin helps to remove the most outer layer, which often is made up of rough, dry or uneven old skin cells. It is good to exfoliate every once in a while because it helps the skin to absorb face creams and treatments more deeply. As the things you apply to your facial skin get absorbed better they help to tighten it more.

2. Do a Deep Treatment

Now that your skin is exfoliated it can really reap all the benefits of a deep treatment. Apply a thick layer of something really rejuvenating on your skin and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes. This can be done once a week with great benefits.

Some of the best things are pure aloe vera gel, active manuka honey, and avocado oil. Aloe vera gel is hydrating and will thereby help firm the skin. You can also use manuka honey to tighten skin as it is proven to rejuvenate, heal and moisturize the skin. Cold pressed avocado oil is very compatible with human skin and has shown to increase collagen growth.

3. Avoid Chemicals

Today you find chemicals in most skin care products, even in some that claim to be natural and organic. Many chemicals are bad for your skin and can speed up the aging process as well as cause irritation and other unwanted reactions.

4. Exercise Your Facial Muscles

You are able to make different facial expressions because you have lots of small muscles covering your face. To keep them firm you can exercise them by making different extreme expressions which you keep for a few seconds. If you walk around with one facial expression all the time skin lines can easily form, so it is great to do other expressions too in order to even things out.

5. Nutritious Fluids

Both hydration and nutrition is vital for firm skin, so why not combine the two and make your own fresh juices or smoothies? Make them of fresh fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamins and minerals. These help tighten and rejuvenate your skin. There are lots of recipes for delicious juices and smoothies out there!

6. Reduce the Toxins

Toxins are everywhere nowadays and it may be impossible to avoid them all, but by reducing them as much as you can you keep your body and skin young longer. Alcohol, smoking, chemical drugs, junk foods, and unclean tap water are all things that bring toxins to your body and cause aging sagging skin.

Even emotional states of stress, worry, and depression may increase the toxins in your body, so make sure you take time to relax and improve your state of mind.

7. Moisturize with Proven Tightening Ingredients

One of the best natural remedies to tighten facial skin is to moisturize it daily with proven effective tightening ingredients. Look for ingredients that boost your own natural growth of collagen, like Cynergy TK and Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. By increasing the collagen production your skin gets firmer gradually but consistently.

Source by Ingela M. Johansson

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Skin Care Tips for Complete Skin Rejuvenation

Skin like other body parts functions effectively upon being injected biologically with a healthy supply of blood which in due course of ageing gets hindered and consequently lesser circulation leaves it imprint in the form of skin hardening, thickening and losing of youthful liveliness. Skin care tips suggest ways to cheat this phenomenon and preserve a glowing skin.

Complete skin rejuvenation can be achieved by first ensuring adequately topping up the body with proteins, Vitamin B and C. Lack of proteins cause tissues to sag and produce wrinkles whereas Vitamins help in buildings skin tissues and collagen cell maintenance which preserves the elasticity of skin. Woman’s care tips advise resorting to a healthy diet besides applying organic skin care, herbal beauty care therapies to increase secretions that turn the skin vernal, firm, radiant and smooth.

Menopause spells doom for woman’s skin as during this phase the body undergoes severe hormonal and physical imbalance as the uterus walls get papered and dried up which hinders the production of estrogen that keeps skin vernal. To escape this, the skin has to be kept moist and supple by applying natural beauty care products from outside. Organic skin care is a must for women of tropical countries whose skin are regularly exposed to bright sun light causing it to dehydrate and turn black.

Natural skin care products along with organic beauty care should be preferred by women who frequently keep awake till late at night, drink high amount of alcohol and do heavy make-ups.

But before embarking upon any beauty care and treatment, one should be aware of the type of skin she possesses like normal, combination, greasy, dry, sallow or sensitive skin to avoid unwanted hassles arising out of wrong application of natural beauty care products. Effective treatment of skin is made possible by following skin care tips befitting the skin type and accordingly supplying the needed nutrition.

Source by Khushi Garg


Daily Skin Care Habits That Could Make You Stay Younger Looking

We are all aware that our skin is our ultimate wardrobe. Your skin reveals a lot about your health, your lifestyle, and your skin care habits. Excessive use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco could cause skin premature aging. One needs to maintain and sustain effective skin care habits that really produce amazing results such as washing, cleaning, and moisturizing. You may begin by making it a habit to wash your face with moderately warm water. Second, never forget to include your neck. The neck shows a woman’s age and always responds to skin care.

Using aging skin care products that contain triple fruit acid cleansers for cleaning the face might work great for you because the fruit acid works great in exfoliating the skin while doing its cleansing function. Toning and cleansing the face in the morning and then applying vitamin C before putting on moisturizer creates a fresh clean look. Cleansing helps remove dirt, debris, sweat, and oil from the surface of your skin. This process helps skin rejuvenation and returns your skin to its natural state by maintaining the vitality as well as the health of the pores. Find a cleanser with the pH level that suits the pH level of your face. When you found the cleanser with the right pH, make it a habit to cleanse your face morning and night.

Restore and revitalize your skin by simply soothing your stress. The technique is to massage some essential oils from your organic skin care products collection such as lavender or rosemary. Apply the essential oil or lotion on your face and neck. Massage with gentle strokes in an upward motion. Move slowly but remember not to pull your skin. You can use the pomegranate facial nourishing oil with moisturizers, a blend of essential oils, and some special ingredients extracted from organic plants. The nourishing oil could penetrate and moisturize as well as nourish your skin immediately.

One of the ingredients that the pomegranate facial nourishing oil contains is the pomegranate seed oil that has extremely rich and nutritious properties. The pomegranate seed extract is popular for its antioxidant properties. The punicic and ellagic acids of the pomegranate seed oil heal and moisturize dry, irritated, and cracked skin. The antioxidants also slow down skin aging and fight free radicals. The use of essential oils is one of the most cost effective ways to bring out stress, take care of your skin, and treat eczema or other minor skin irritations. Let your habit begin by using cost effective organic beauty skin care products with favorable plant extract ingredients.

Tomato and raspberry juice are best for facial cleansing. Do not use water after cleansing at night, instead, use the wet towel for wiping. Drenched the towel in hot water, squeezed, and clean your face. A skin tonic facial massage with almond oil would help make your skin look flawless. Massage should be continued for at least 10 minutes to allow the cream to penetrate the skin. Skin tonic may be prepared at home. Do not sleep without massaging your face with cold cream or skin tonic before bedtime. Do not wash your face with very hot water.

Source by Shirley Bongbong

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Tips and Natural Homemade Recipes – How to Repair Dry and Mature Skin

So what can you to repair and nourish mature skin? Dry and mature skins need to replenish the loss of sebum on the skins surface with equalising moisture reserves to address the signs of visible aging. Homemade anti-aging skin care products do not contain preservative chemicals and you will not have an adverse reaction to ingredients, and most ingredients are inexpensive to buy.

Tip 1- To repair dry and sensitive skin, you need; to replace any commercial soap with a gentle Ph-balanced handmade soap and moisturise frequently with a rich beauty oil. This will help to relieve quickly tightness

Tip 2- Protect your skin. Minimise exposure to the sun and wind, air-conditioning, hot water, harsh chemical and detergents as much as possible.

Tip 3- Use warm, rather than hot, water. Hot water will strip all the natural oils away.

– Recipe; Dry & Mature skin treatment oil – This will help improve your skin’s appearance and it smells divine!

Instructions: Mix in a dark glass bottle;

  • 15ml avocado oil- is rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, and dry and mature skins respond to this lush oil as it penetrates deeply and softens skin.
  • 10ml Wheat germ oil – An important antioxidant that helps protect fatty cell membranes from becoming oxidized (rancid) through the action of free radicals.
  • 15ml Macadamia oil – Attracts moisture and forms a barrier to prevent a loss of moisture while allowing the skin to breath and function normally.
  • 3 drops Palmarosa Essential oilExcellent hydrating properties. Helps with the elasticity of skin. A mature skin superstar oil!!!
  • 3 drops Sandalwood Essential oil – Balances the skin and helps strengthen connective tissue Repair scars.
  • 2 drops lavender essential oil : soothes skin and accelerates generation of new skin cells

Here a few face packs which is really great to nourish and plum up dry and mature skin.

– Recipe Gentle Scrub for Mature Skin – A scrumptious scrub for sensitive skins. You will see the dead skin come off and your skin will feel great.

Instructions: Mix a tablespoon of almond powder and add honey and make a paste and apply it on the skin. Leave it for at least 20 minutes. Remove scrubbing gently the skin. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Recipe Repairing Beauty Mask for Mature skin- This pack makes the skin smooth and supple and reduces the dryness and can be used all over the body before you take a bath.

Instruction; Take wheat flour and add milk cream to it. Make a paste and apply it on the skin. Leave on the skin for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Apply the Tonic Vinegar Toner and follow with the Dry & mature skin treatment oil.

*Fruit face packs, made of fruits rich in vitamins and water have a good effect on the dry and mature skin. Some of the fruits that can be used are papaya, peach, watermelon and banana mash it and add some thickened cream or if desired use honey and mix together and apply.

Mashed avocado can also be applied to the skin for a glowing effect.

Take a ripe banana, mash it and add to it rose water. Apply this paste allover the face and neck; wash off after half an hour.

Tonic Vinegar Skin Toner Recipe: a “must” for Mature skin is more efficient when an organic apple cider vinegar is used. It will cleanse and restore the skin, restrict the dilated pores, and improve the circulation making sure the whole skin receives nutrients it needs.


  • 1 small bunch of Rosemary
  • 1 or 2 peppercorns
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Ginger grated
  • 1 or 2 clove heads
  • 1 cup of Cider vinegar

Instructions; Place the rosemary, ginger, gloves and pepper in a ceramic or glass bowl.

Bring the vinegar to a boil. Pour the vinegar over the herbal mixture in the bowl.

Cover and let the mixture stand for two days. Strain the mixture and decant into a sterilized bottle. Mix 1/2 of distilled water with 1/2 herbal vinegar in a dark glass bottle with a spray.

The question is, why does skin wrinkle? As you grow older, your body produces fewer of the hormones that keep skin healthy and supplies less oil, protein and natural moisturizing factors which attract and hold water in the skin. This process tends to make the skin drier, you need to keep your skin well moisturized in order to be soft and elastic. The skin needs to be more elastic to have less the chances of it stretching, distorting and breaking underlying fibres.

Happy Natural skin care Making! Marlene Daniels

Source by Marlene Daniels

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These Are the Best Organic Treatments For Sagging Body Skin

With so many different treatments for sagging body skin on the market today, it can be very hard to choose the right one. More expensive is not always better, and even many of the well-known brands are inferior products with harmful ingredients in them.

The best way to choose treatments for sagging body skin is to read the labels and weed out the ones that contain the harmful ingredients like alcohol, parabens, dioxins, fragrance, mineral oil and petroleum products. That will leave you very few topical treatments to choose from as most anti-aging creams contain many of these ingredients. These chemicals damage the nervous system, the reproductive system, the endocrine system as well as damage the skin itself.

If you are looking to avoid expensive and invasive surgical treatments for sagging body skin, there are some natural creams and lotions available that do not contain any harmful ingredients. Since their ingredients come from natural sources, such as plants, there are no harmful side effects and they actually work to treat the source of the sagging skin.

These creams contain ingredients like CynergyTK, Nano-lipobelle HEQ10, Jojoba oil, grape seed oil, Babassu and Maracuja. These ingredients combine to make an excellent product to combat sagging body skin.

CynergyTK is a revolutionary new compound that stimulates growth of collagen, elastin and new skin cells. It is derived from sheep wool and is one of the most effective anti-aging compounds available.

Nano-lipobelle HEQ10 is a type of Coenzyme Q10 that is effective as an anti-wrinkle treatment. It also increases collagen and elastin production.

Phytessence Wakame comes from Japanese kelp. It prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which is needed for collagen and elastin to function properly.

Anti-aging body creams that contain these ingredients are the best choices for treatments for sagging body skin.

Source by John Lexon


How Honey Can Help And Repair Your Skin – Living Holistically

Beeswax produced by Honey bees is one of the oldest forms of organic compounds from the Neolithic Age. The first documented use of beeswax for medicinal purposes was documented in scriptures in 5000 BC which depicted beeswax mixed with propolis, which is a mixture of various plant resins, and then applied topically for its antibacterial properties on wounds to promote healing and recovery.

In the times of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra would use a mix of Aloe Vera, Honey and various oils on her body and hair. Sometimes a milk and honey bath would be prepared for Cleopatra as she soaked her whole body inside to moisturize and remove the toxins from the day. This was part of her daily skin care routine, and was copied by the most elite in Egypt, since honey was considered scarce and only available to the rich who were able to harvest it.

In the times of mid-evil Europe, Honey was mass produced by peasants and was used as a form of currency usually paid to feudal lords in Germany, Austria and Prague.

Bacteria cannot grow or survive when honey is applied because it has strong anti-bacteria properties due to its high potassium content. Honey retains and attracts moisture, so when it is applied to the skin, it keeps the moisture intact and close to the skin until it is absorbed. This activity is called a humentact, or adding and trapping moisture.

Important Note: Only honey is that only organic and chemical free honey should be used in skin care routines. This is not the same honey you find in your supermarket because it has been processed, diluted and other chemicals have been added. Organic and chemical free honey should only be used because it maintains all its original vitamins and anti-oxidant properties. Make sure that when you are purchasing a honey lotion, it does not contain any harmful or other chemicals that would interfere with the antioxidant power of the original organic honey. For a great suggestion on a Honey Body lotion, refer to this organic honey lotion. All Made from Earth products are holistic and chemical free.

Source by Sara Michelle

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