Dr Lewinns – A Brand Synonymous With High Quality Nail Care

Dr Lewinns – A Brand Synonymous With High Quality Nail Care

Dr. Lewinns range of skincare and nail products are synonymous with high quality. That stems from the belief of the brand that they should make products which suit the life style of all individuals and not just focus on just the skin types. They were quick to realise that it is always the combination of the right lifestyle habits with appropriate selection of skin and nail care products that will confer the kind of skin desired by the individual.

Dr. Lewinns is one brand that has developed a range of products for men as well and these have been specially designed to ensure that they are compatible to male skin. They are wonderful products aimed at reducing ageing signs, skin irritation and any dryness that some men often face during specific weather conditions. These products are geared for high performance and have absolutely no side effects.

But it is their range of nail care products for women that we are more interested in as they have a whole array of benefits as under:

· They help restore healthy nail growth, especially those that have got damaged during nail extensions

· They totally get rid of any peeling, chipping or flaking due to their unique formulation

· The nails acquire strength and a healthy look

· They are fortified with the right concentrations of calcium and other vitamins

· You can use them both as a base coat as well as a top coat

· The packaging is a convenient double sized 30ml bottle type

So what is the one Dr. Lewinns nail care product that consumers are most happy about?

The Revitanail strengthener is one product that has attracted rave reviews from consumers who have used it. People who have had to suffer the problem of flaking and brittle nails have found great solace in this product.

Applying just two coats of this product on clean nails and repeating one coat for the next 5 days has given many people relief from weak nails. The nail polish needs to be removed on the 7th day and the entire process has to be repeated 3 times to get the best results. You can thus see visible improvements in your nail condition within 25 days. Complement this product with the Revitanail oil that has been specially formulated to provide the required nourishment and you will notice that your nails are much tougher than before.

This is a product that has been a hit in Australia and people who have used it during their stay in Australia are finding it quite difficult to adjust to other similar products found elsewhere. Such is the efficacy of the product and the consumer loyalty it enjoys.

Dr. Lewinns as a brand has been able to remain at the top for such a long time mainly because of their emphasis on high quality products that have been formulated after years of research and customer feedback. Their products are not tested on animals and are environmentally pretty safe as well.

Source by Charlotte J Wilson

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