How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Younger

How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Younger

This article addresses a mature audience, because I strongly believe that if you’re 20 and are trying to trick people into thinking you’re 16 somewhere there’s a problem. On a more serious note, women always try to hide their real age; hence, it’s consider rude to ask directly for a woman’s age. Aging is a natural process which we can’t control, and sadly women with sensitive skin can find the whole cover-up process even more difficult. Luckily, everyone is looking for solutions to this problem and therefore you have plenty of options to consider.

Wrinkles, aging spots and dryness can be masked with make-up, removed with surgery or treated from within. Skin is composed of two main layers, the epidermis and the dermis, each containing fibers of collagen. As time passes, these fibers lose their ability to provide skin with the ideal amount of elasticity and energy. Factors such as sun light, stress or smoking can contribute to a hastening of the whole process and lead to premature aging.

Women have turned to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in order to find the right anti-aging products. Almost every important cosmetics and skin-care brand have their own line of anti-aging products. According to The Top Tens website, the five leading cosmetics companies are Artistry, Oriflame, Mary Kay, Mac and L’Oréal. This classification is based on user reviews and appreciations. BrandDirectory has a different top, based on income and rating, and out of the five previously enlisted only L’Oréal made it to number three. Olay, Avon, Neutrogena and Nivea occupy the other four leading spots.

If you don’t feel comfortable with using such products, you can opt for organic masks and a healthy lifestyle. Skin moisturizing starts from within, thus a healthy diet and drinking lots of water will do wonders for your complexion. Products which are known to be very good for the skin are bananas, vitamin E oil and strawberries. Anti-aging home-made masks should contain a high amount of vitamin C which, surprisingly, can mostly be found in strawberries. Other ingredients which can prove to be very useful in putting together home-made anti-aging masks are yogurt, egg yolk and honey.

Surgery is an option for those who can afford it and who feel comfortable with such procedures. Face lifting and even liposuction are alternatives for the meticulous solutions presented above, which need time and patience in order to properly kick in. Surgery is as efficient as it is fast. I, however, believe that the surgery target group should be the very mature and not young adults who can’t come to terms with the fact that their bodies are changing. It is, however, your call. Contact a professional for further guidance in this direction if you decide to opt for plastic reconstruction.

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