Nourish Your Skin With An Organic Face Cream

Nourish Your Skin With An Organic Face Cream

Using an organic face cream is a safer and gentle alternative to sensitive skin and to anyone who is concerned about his or her health and wellbeing. Organic-certified creams are made with certified ingredients that are mostly plant-based and completely natural, and they do not use harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances and preservatives.

For a product to be certified as “organic” it has to contain mostly certified-organic ingredients. The difference between an organic facial cream and a “natural” cream or lotion is in the certification. Some popular ingredients in typical beauty products include perfumes, chemical substances and artificial preservatives, but organics replace these with essential oils, floral waters, honey, olive oil or other cold-pressed vegetable oils, herbal extracts, cocoa butter and other nourishing and gentle products of nature. Many of these are almost safe to eat and you can rest assured that they are not going to cause damage to your health.

More and more people are turning to botanical alternatives when shopping for skincare, hair care and cosmetics. Some women have suffered from allergic reactions to chemicals used in body lotions and facial creams, others have sensitive skins that are easily irritated by many typical skincare ingredients, such as parabens that are commonly used as a preservative in creams and lotions. Another reason for switching to organics is that they are friendlier to the environment.

An organic face cream nourishes your skin naturally and is a gentle option even for the most sensitive skin types. Leave the chemicals behind and choose natural beauty, and you will see what a difference it makes.

Source by Tasha D. Crowell

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