Your Simplified Guide to Natural Skincare

Our skin absorbs many things including chemicals. Considering the number of makeup and skincare products we use every day, it’s easy to understand the amount of chemicals that go in our pores. Over the years, regulatory bodies have approved the use of certain chemicals and parabens, at least in small quantities. However, researchers, skin experts, and dermatologists believe that there’s no substitute to natural skincare.

Understanding natural skincare

Natural skincare is all about using the most natural ingredients. This can be further divided into herbal, natural and organic segments. Now, every manufacturer has a unique way of developing products, and in many cases, the process is kept safe, like a well-guarded secret. Even the regulatory authorities don’t have a big say in this, barring giving a list of do’s and don’ts. So, what can you expect from natural skincare?

1. First things first, these products don’t have any form of chemical or preservatives that are harmful to the skin.

2. These are formulated with 100% natural products and ingredients. Please note that natural and organic does not always mean the same thing. We will discuss this in a bit.

3. Thirdly, the products are formulated in a particular country, as mentioned.

4. Also, a number of companies don’t use animal testing for natural products, which is a big plus.

How to choose natural products for the skin?

You would be happy to know that natural products are available in both skincare and makeup. However, the primary task is to find the right brand. Whether you are looking for a special homemade face mask or a massage cream, you need to check a few basics.

— Start with the label. A good manufacturer will ensure 100% transparency on their product label. You will find all the relevant details on the product packet or the sticker.

— Check the ingredients. This is equally important. You need to check if all the ingredients are natural and mentioned as required. Do not buy products that just mention the ‘Key Ingredients”.

— Check the brand. Is the brand reputable? Are they certified by any of the regulatory bodies or independent labs? If yes, you can definitely trust the company for their products.

— Natural or organic? By organic, it means that the ingredients are made without any additional fertilizers and chemicals. So yes, organic products are always better than just natural products. Check if the products are certified to be organic.

— Is the product formulated for sensitive skin? Most of the natural skin and makeup products are considered to be good for sensitive skin, but that’s an aspect you need to check.

Lastly, you need to check reviews. There are bloggers and other websites that review natural skincare products, and you can find a lot of amazing facts and details. Also, the first-hand experience from other users is always useful in comparing options. Not to forget, check the price. Since such products don’t have a lot of preservatives and chemicals, the costs are higher but are worth paying. Check online now and start shopping for your stash!

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All About Exfoliating for Organic Skin Care

If the Bible were about skin care there would only be five commandments. Exfoliating is the second of the five commandments of skin care. Unfortunately, most people actively follow only one of these five commandments/rules; most people only do 20% of what they should be doing for proper skin care. Dermatologists, cosmeticians, and beauticians could, and have, for years given tips and recommendations for great skin care. However, most of these tips are irrelevant or are less effective if you are not fulfilling the five most basic rules, needs, necessities, requisites, and requirements for great skin. These five rules should be considered the foundation for any great skin care system. Like any foundation, they can be built and expanded upon (for example by the said tips by skin care professionals mentioned above) – you just have to get the basics covered first. We recommend that you use organic and all natural skin care products because the dangers of using harsh (potentially carcinogenic) chemicals on your skin are simply not worth the risk – however, even before you consider using organic skin care products you should at the very least be following the five commandments of skin care.


Although exfoliating is one of the most important steps in a skin care regimen, it is far too often completely skipped by people. This is a big skin care mistake; every type of skin will benefit from exfoliation at least twice a week. The reason that you need to continually exfoliate is because the lower layers of skin regenerate new skin cells and new skin which are pushed up to the top layer of the skin leaving dead skin on the surface layer. Exfoliation will remove these dead skin cells as well as any excess oil, dirt, makeup, dust, harsh chemicals, and any other pollutant left on the top layer of the skin after cleansing. Effective exfoliation leaves the skin soft, refreshed, and smooth. Effective exfoliation will also allow toners and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin. A note of interest here is that in the same way that exfoliation opens up your pores for toners and moisturizers to penetrate deep into the skin it can also allow dirt, dust, harsh chemicals from skin care products, and other pollutants to penetrate deeper into the skin so you want to make sure you close your pores before going about your day. It has been suggested that men have softer skin than women over the lifetime of their skin likely because they shave everyday which helps to remove the top layer of dead skin which is a form of exfoliation in itself. These dead skin cells need to be gently exfoliated off the surface layer to prevent clogged pores.

Just like cleansing, you want to make sure that you do not over-exfoliate which can cause surface irritation and redness and may cause your natural oils to spiral out of control. You also want to make sure you gently exfoliate in a circular motion. Do not scrub too hard; your skin is not a garage floor and should not be treated like one. Be very gentle with your skin to prevent premature aging. You may want to aim to exfoliate anywhere from twice a week to every other day. You will have to do some trial and error to find the right balance for your skin. Some people like to use an exfoliating cleanser to keep things simple but if you insist on having two separate products like we suggest it is best to cleanse before you exfoliate so that you can clean dust and grime off the top layer of skin before opening up your pores. Just like cleansing, you want to spend about three times longer rinsing your skin than scrubbing. Also, some people only like to exfoliate in the winter months or use different scrubs for the summer months and the winter months. This is because in the winter the dead skin cells on the surface can dry your skin out even more so than summer months because the skin is already prone to drying and produces less sebum in the summer. For this reason, at Giddy Organics, we offer scrubs that are designed for winter months as well as scrubs for summer months.

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5 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips and Secrets

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip #1: Stop Using Conventional Skin Care Products

Most people know how medicines can be delivered with a patch on your skin, so think about what that means: Your skin absorbs things you put on it. So it’s very important to use natural and organic skincare products instead of conventional skin care, which contain many toxins that can actually age your skin over time!

Did you know that the cosmetic and skin care industry is not very highly regulated? Many ingredients used have not been proven safe or effective for long-term use. In fact, most skin care products on the market today contain chemicals that can have an adverse impact on your health, but guess what else??? Yes, they can actually make your skin look older with time. It has been estimated that around 5 pounds of chemicals are absorbed by the average woman over the course of a year just by the skin care and cosmetics she uses!

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip #2: Use Natural and Organic Skin Care

That sounds easy, but what exactly is natural skin care? You need to watch out, because many companies add small amounts of natural ingredients, like vitamin C, so they can call their products “natural,” but their products still contain many toxins. There are NO government standards concerning the claim of “natural” for skin care or cosmetics.

Natural ingredients means things like coconut, jojoba or olive oil; seaweed and algae extracts; vitamin C, vitamin E, butters like shea butter and cocoa butter, green tea and more. If you recognize the ingredient as something you would eat, you’re probably on the right track. Ingredients to avoid include synthetic ingredients like mineral oil, synthetic preservatives like parabens and synthetic fragrances.

While organic skin care should be more pure, and we highly recommend looking for a brand that incorporates organic ingredients, we do realize that some ingredients are hard to find organic. The number one thing to look for is natural ingredients, and if you find organic ingredients as well, that is a big plus!

For highly recommended brands, follow the links in our resource box.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip #3: Include Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Your Diet

Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory, and can help your skin stay younger looking. They are found mostly in fatty fish and marines oils like fish oil, cod liver oil and greenlip mussel oil. Many health care practitioners who used to recommend fish like salmon in your diet every week are now concerned about the high levels of mercury and PCBs found in fish today. If you are too, try eating pastured eggs, and including flax seed and walnuts in your diet.

However, this may not be enough, as many people today cannot make an efficient conversion of plant-based omega-3s to the omega 3 form that your body needs. So, many people feel they have benefited from a high quality fish oil, cod liver oil or greenlip mussel oil supplement.

Also important is to avoid vegetable oils, believe it or not, as they can age your skin faster. This is probably because they are less stable, and often contain free radical-producing substances, even before you cook with them. Try using coconut oil for cooking.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip #4: Make Sure and Eat a Diet High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to quench free radicals, and this can keep your skin looking younger! In fact, they can help as much or maybe more than using a good skin care product! Antioxidants are found in many foods, especially fruits and vegetables, and are especially high in many berries. B Complex and E complex vitamins are also great antioxidants, found in abundance in whole grains and nuts and seeds. Some great foods for your skin include berries as well as avocados and leafy greens. Organic food often contains higher levels of antioxidants, and so does food that is fresh from the farm, so try to eat organic from the farm or your garden as much as you can!

If you don’t think you get enough antioxidants in your diet, or want to supplement to add more of them to your diet, we highly recommend food-based supplements like dried greens and fruit and berry mixes. Just make sure they take care when they dry them – using low temperatures to preserve the nutrients.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip #5: Whey Protein Helps Boost the Master Antioxidant Glutathione

Glutathione helps the body reuse other antioxidants, and has been called the “master antioxidant” by many. Glutathione is produced by the body, but as we age, most of us produce less and less glutathione. This seems to speed up the aging process, as we have more difficulty quenching free radicals. These free radicals age your skin as well as your body, and contribute to many diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

We need amino acids to produce glutathione, especially one called cysteine. This is where whey protein comes in, as a high quality whey has a lot of cysteine, and can help the body produce more glutathione. Whey protein can be found in dairy products like milk, yogurt and ricotta cheese, but many decide to supplement with a whey protein powder. We highly recommend finding one made from cows out on pasture where they use a low temperature process that does not denature the whey. If you denature the whey, you destroy cysteine and other amino acids, which makes them unavailable to your body as well as toxic!

So, in conclusion, if you want to slow down aging and especially the visible effects on your skin here are some tips:

  • Stop using conventional, toxic skin care products
  • Seek out high quality natural and organic skin care products
  • Make sure you are getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet
  • Add more antioxidants and antioxidant-rich foods to your diet, like berries
  • Eat a high quality whey protein to boost glutathione, the “master antioxidant”

And these changes will make you healthier as well as help to keep your skin looking younger!

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Organic Skin Care Products – Review of the Best Products Available

Organic skin care products give you the benefit of real organic ingredients, something that’s free from GMOs and toxic chemicals. There’s a wide range of organic products ready to lend you the freshness of nature. One of the names that strike the mind at once is Miessence!

One of the biggest qualities of organic skin care products is that they are prepared from pure and powerful ingredients. They are enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants that play a vital role in keeping years off your face. These bio-nutrients feed your skin with all the goodness of nature and keep it young and glowing with health.

Another thing to note in such products is that every ingredient present in it is active and beneficial in one way or the other. Besides, these products are free from every kind of synthetic chemicals such as preservatives, emulsifiers, colors, pH adjusters, consistency modifiers, and others (These chemicals are found in synthetic skin care products).

Complete Skin Care

Every Miessence organic product on the shelf is tested clinically and boasts of containing the finest ingredients of nature. The complete skin care product range includes cleansers for different skin types, exfoliants, shaving gels, after shave gel, mineral masks for each skin type, conditioners, moisturizers, serums for face, eyes, and neck, and skin brighteners.

A review of some of the products would give you an idea of what Miessence is all about and why it is what it claims to be – one of the best natural skin care ranges.

Soothing Mineral Mask – this product is enriched with red clay, iron oxide, organic chamomile that soothes the skin, and lavender that tones it. Regular usage of this mask removes dead cells from the skin surface, leaving it with a clear and smooth texture. The clay present in this mask absorbs all impurities from the skin and provides firmness. Apply this mask once a week and follow it with conditioning and moisturizing to retain the skin moisture. This product is good for sensitive and dry or mature skin.

Balancing Cleanser – this product is for normal and combination skin. It contains the benefits of marshmallow and calendula. These remove pollutants, perspiration, and excess oil from your skin, leaving it fresh and clear. This product is great for maintaining a clean look. Just massage the cleanser on your face every morning and evening, and wipe it off gently with a damp cloth.

Gentle Exfoliate – this is for sensitive skin. It contains natural jojoba beads that act as a gentle scrub, removing the dead cells and bringing a glow to the skin. If you’re looking for exfoliation of your skin, this product is great. Just apply it once a week and watch the youthful radiance on your face.

Purifying Blemish Gel – if you’re suffering from pimples, blemishes, and cuts, this product is really good for you. It has a potent mixture of healing and soothing organic flowers and herbs such as thyme, marshmallow, Echinacea, etc. These contain similar healing properties such as tea tree, lavender, and lemon myrtle.

Probiotic Skin Brightener – if you wish a wrinkle free, clear complexion, this product is surely worth a try. The probiotic bacteria are known to ferment legumes and whole grains and produce nutrients as well as a mild, natural, lactic liquid. This liquid is found to balance your skin’s acid levels, lighten the pigmentation, exfoliate, repair sun-damaged skin, and remove impurities. You get a rejuvenated and glowing skin at the end.

Shaving Gel – if you wish to go organic while shaving, get this product. This contains organic aloe vera, which soothes irritated and sensitive skin. It gives a slippery surface to the razor, facilitating a smooth shave with fewer chances of cuts. This certified organic product also contains organic zanthoan gel and safflower. The organic emollients present in it safeguard your skin against burns, cuts, and nicks due to razor.

There are still 5 more reasons why you should go for organic skin care products:-

  • They rely on conventional practices such as crop rotation that replenishes soil nutrients.
  • They are less dependent on non-renewable sources, thus, respecting the environment and wild life.
  • They contain high levels of anti-oxidants that fight cancer and defy aging.
  • They contain no synthetic chemicals.
  • They are devoid of GMOs and meet strict standards set for organic farming and food.

Organic skin care products are becoming a rage nowadays. If you’re still using conventional synthetic products, it’s time to make a New Year resolution to go organic. Once you try them, we bet you won’t break this resolution for years!

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Organic Skin Care is Becoming Popular

Organic skin care is on a rise. There are several firms that have started selling organic products. People’s faith towards organic products has been on a rise. This because of the growing acceptance of products prepared without the use of chemicals. Initially it was organic foods that were popular. People started to look for organic products everywhere as organic foods became popular. Now there are several organic skin care products that you can see in the malls and other stores. The ingredients of these organic products are grown naturally without the addition of any chemicals as mentioned above.

These organic products tend to costly as the production price per unit is high. Organic skincare products cannot be manufactured on a large scale because of the difficulty of sourcing the ingredients required for these products. Large scale production of these ingredients is extremely difficult because of the threat of nature. This is why small production of these ingredients is done. As scale is not achieved, the cost of the products is high which is why they are available at high prices in the market.

There are several firms that sell organic skin care products that provide regular skin care. Most of these are moisturizers and purifying creams. All these firms claim that their products are free of sulphates, paraben and petrochemicals. These firms are continuously striving towards formulating better organic products that provide skin care. One of the most used ingredients is the olive oil. Olive oil was used as a moisturizer by Greeks. It has the unique property of mixing with water. This is a potent combination as this solution penetrates into the skin and cleans the dirt from the inside. When chemicals are removed from the products containing these ingredients, the cream stands a much better chance to allow the skin to function better.

The natural skin care product review was done in 2006. Each product was rated out of ten for its mix of natural ingredients. The tope four skin moisturizers were Mt personal choice, Terressential’s Moisture cream, Burt’s bees complexion oil, nature’s bounty skin cream. The worst skin care was also ranked in terms of which had the most toxic ingredients. These were Jergen’s natural glow skin moisturizer, Rite Aid skin care lotion, Jason Natural moisturizer, Dove face care essential nutrients and Zia natural body gel. These ratings show that even if the companies claim to be natural or organic, you have to check the ingredients to find out how organic they are. Inspite of claims to be organic, these skincare products will be containing some amount of chemicals in them. This does not mean all the products out there are not 100% organic. There are fully organic skincare products available in the market. The first two products in the top 4 rated moisturizers are 100% organic.

The chemicals present in the regular products harm your skin in the long run. They may produce short term results, but in the long run they are detrimental to your skin. If you find the organic products expensive you can prepare your own cosmetics at home. One such website that has instructions on it is This information is available in the personal care section of organic home. If you still use regular creams, shift to organic as they have the advantage of being natural and not causing any harm on your skin.

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The Secret To Natural Skin Beauty

Homemade Beauty Tips – The Secret Of Natural Beauty And Products That Work

Ladies in the European and Asian countries have long used natural and organic skin care products or recipes to maintain beautiful skin. Thus women of all ages are slowly looking and finding more homemade beauty tips using natural or organic products and avoiding synthetics. This article discusses finding natural beauty tips and natural beauty products that work.

A lot of women are now realizing that natural beauty products and skin care tips are far better than some of the well known brands from the most expensive shops. Not all women are in the position to be able to buy top of the range skin care products are now realizing that it does not necessarily mean they are better.

More companies are understanding women's needs for natural and organic products but some of these still have preservatives and sometimes banned products from other countries. Usually the cheaper natural products are far better for our skin.

An alternative to buying natural beauty products is to look for natural beauty tips and beauty recipes that will allow you to create products in your own home using clean, so we can control what we put on our face and skin.

Avoiding harsh chemicals will ensure we do not ingest these into our bodies and cause other harmful rashes and disease.

Although the word natural implants that everyone can use it, we still need to be aware that some women are still allergic to certain natural products and they still have to read the ingredients.

This is why then that actually making your own products from items in the home can solve many womens problems. Once you have determined your skin type as to whether you have dry, oily sensitive, a combination or normal only then can you start using what is correct for you personally.

Some of these tips will work on everyone and some on only a few. Some testing is required.

Where you live will determine the natural products that will work best for you in the country you live in. Your skin will vary depending if you live in a hot country as opposed to a cold country. Living in Australia as compared to Norway, you will need a totally different territory.

There are many products that have the natural essential oils in them. Rosewater is brilliant for the skin for example.

Fruits like the pawpaw make a great exfoliation. This is just one example of natural skin care. These natural beauty tips are very effective and are used by myself.

A important aspect of natural beauty is using a morning and evening routine of cleansing and moisturizing. Add to this a good eating routine, some exercise and most importantly stay hydrated! Water is the most important ingredient in skin care. This helps plump the skin out.

For more information on how you can have beautiful natural skin visit my website.

By Julie Edwards

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Best Organic Night Cream Should Contain 100% Natural Ingredients That Heal And Rejuvenate The Skin

There are so many self acclaimed organic natural skincare products on the market today; however, when you look at the labels of most of them, you will still see some chemicals listed there. Finding a cream or lotion that contains 100% effective natural ingredients could be difficult if you do not have the right information; so, this article is going to tell you how to select the best organic night cream.

First of all, you need to read the label of any product you want to buy to ensure that it does not contain any chemical. Some of the chemicals that the majority of natural brands contain are mineral oil and artificial fragrances. Mineral oil is a petrochemical used as emollient; unfortunately, it does not moisturize the skin, it only blocks the pores, causes allergic reactions and makes the skin greasy/shiny.

Research shows that there are more than 4000 different chemicals known as fragrances and most of them are toxic; the unfortunate thing is that manufacturers are not required to specify the fragrance used in a product. Hence, if you really want a genuine organic night cream, avoid any brand that contains fragrances or mineral oil.

One of the natural ingredients that the best organic night cream should contain is functional keratin; this is effective at rejuvenating the skin because it boosts collagen production and cells renewal. It is proven to make the skin firm and smooth; it also gets rid of lines and wrinkles to make the skin look younger and flawless.

Another ingredient to look for in a quality organic night cream is Active Manuka honey; this unique type of honey is rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. Hence, it is proven to counter the damaging effects of free radicals as well as promote cells renewal; it also heals and repairs the skin while you sleep.

Shea butter is also another vital natural ingredient to look for; it helps to seal in moisture, thereby helping to moisturize the skin. It contains anti-inflammatory agents that help to soothe inflamed skin; it is also effective at removing wrinkles, age spots and other blemishes to make the skin look flawless and radiant.

You should not fall prey to self acclaimed natural organic night creams; ensure that all the ingredients contained in the product are 100% natural before you make any purchase. For more information on other natural ingredients to look for and to learn about an anti-aging skincare brand you can trust, visit my website.

Discover the best organic night cream available today.

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The Beginner's Guide to Organic Skin Care Products

Can you imagine a world filled with skin care products that cause ZERO negative side effects? Skin care products that are made with 100% all-natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body's natural processes? The relief of choosing a skin care product that will most likely provide the results you are looking for?

What I'm referring to here is the organic skin care product market. And if many regular skin care manufacturers follow the path that many organic skin care product manufacturers are currently, then the skin care product market will be absolutely revolutionized. However, it's illegally that this will happen anytime soon.

The problem with the skin care market now is: There are too many companies producing low-cost, low-quality products and selling them at low prices in locations that are easily accessible to consumers. Do you think they're going to stop selling these products? NO! But we naturally as humans look for the best deal we can get. So these extremely low quality, low priced products are being used by hundreds of thousands of people. And you know what the sad part is? We have no idea what ingredients are being used in them!

This is why the organic skin care market is really taking off. Many people are now realizing that they are getting what they pay for- cheap products, with cheap ingredients, that produce cheap results (or lack thereof). Unfortunately, most of the people that are using organic skin care products are now using them because regular skin care products were reacting negatively to their skin and body.

What ALL CONSUMERS NEED TO KNOW is they can easily avoid the negative results and side-effects of using a skin care product by using organic and all natural products. Sure they may be a little bit expensive now, but that's only because they contain the best ingredients from the best sources that produce the best results.

Breakthrough ingredients like Functional Keratin (a patented ingredient known as CynergyTK), extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep, that can be converted to natural keratin, which you already have in your body, and made readily available to the skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, which allows your skin to stay firm and elastic. Many skin care products now claim to have collagen and elastin in their products. However, collagen and elastin molecules are way to large to be absorbed through you pores, leaving the molecules sitting on your skin and making them absolutely useless!

Another great organic skin care product ingredient is Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10. CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like substance found in every cell of your body responsible for efficient energy production and protecting capacity, or antioxidant power. CoQ12 is actually used in many skin care products now, but very few of them contain a sufficient concentration of it in a form that can effectively penetrate the skin. Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10 though is a special 'nano-emulsion' form of CoQ10 that can penetrate deep down into your skin. And once again, the "effective" CoQ10 found in most skin care products sets on the surface of your skin, providing no benefit whatsoever. Nanobelle Coenzyme10 also has very powerful antioxidant properties and is proven to counteract free radical damage to your cells and even protect your skin against the sun's harmful UV-A radiation.

One more powerful organic skin care product ingredient I'll share with you here is active manuka honey. Since ancient times, honey has been used for its wonderful healing properties on the skin. Active manuka honey, exclusively found in New Zealand, has significantly high levels of antioxidants that protect and stimulate your immune system. It can penetrate deep into your skin, nourishing and rejuvenating it, giving you younger and softer looking skin. It'll even strengthen collagen and protect your body from free radicals. It also has amazing antibacterial properties, making it effective at healing blemishes, including acne and even eczema and psoriasis. Truly power stuff.

Can you see the power that organic skin care products are bringing to the market? Can you think of any reason NOT to invest in organic skin products over regular products? Sure they are a bit bit more expensive. But if you jump in the market now, and spread the word about organic products, then a higher demand will bring down the prices to a well-affordable level. It's all economics. It all makes sense. Organic skin care is the future of effective skin care.

Source by Jason P. Michaels


The Difference Between Botanical Skin Care and Organic Skin Care

There are such a large number of products on the market which claim to be pure and free of any harmful chemicals or toxins. There are products which claim to be botanical skin care, organic skin care or holistic skin care products. Many of these products are very similar, safe and effective but if you don’t know the difference in what the terms mean you may find that you are not happy with the products you choose.

A product can be a botanical skin care product and organic as well, but not all botanical products are organic. A botanical product is one that is plant based. Organic products are plant based as well, although some may be animal based as well. However you need to be aware that any product can include toxic ingredients unless it is labelled organic. It must be free of harmful chemical ingredients, and the plants used to make the products must also be free of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Why is it so important to have products which are all natural and which are free of harmful chemicals? It is because the skin is able to absorb toxins and harmful chemicals through it. Have you seen stop-smoking patches or motion sickness patches? These patches use a medication delivery system which causes the medications to enter the body through the skin.

In addition to avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, it is easier for the skin to absorb nutrients and beneficial elements from skincare products when the ingredients are as close to its natural state as possible. Every refining process a product goes through it loses some of its effectiveness and potency.

Often processes such as heating or cooking a product will destroy much of its medicinal value. Organic products try to make sure that the products are as whole and untouched as possible by processing methods. They often do not use preservatives since many commercial preservatives can have negative effects on your health.

If you want to use botanical skin care products, you should know that you are on the right track. You need to make sure you go one step further and select products which are organic, pure and unaltered in order to get the best skin refinement results possible.

Source by Amy Austen


Be Natural – Organic Skin Care

We live in an organic world, and we are organic beings. In terms of skin care, there’s nothing much to say. Living in harmony with nature is perhaps the best skin care advice.

There are perhaps hundreds of skin care products in the market today that seem to lure you into buying them by saying they are natural. Further inquisitiveness would prove they are not what they prove to be by reading the back labels. Always remember that whatever substances we put on the skin of our body , they eventually end up inside our bodies. Scary, isn’t it? Most artificial substances used in skin care products are actually carcinogens that gradually build up in your system and become full-grown problems in the coming years.

Unfortunately, “natural” or organic skin care is not FDA regulated so that products with even one percent of organic ingredient can be called organic or natural. The following are chemical offenders you need to watch out for.

Formaldehyde and imidazolidinyl urea are preservatives. The former is found mostly in nail polish, nail hardeners and cosmetics. Both have been associated with causing unfavorable skin reactions. Synthetic fragrances, being artificial, should be avoided. Opt for perfumes that contain natural fragrance or those coming from essential oils for your organic skin care.

Additionally, methyl paraben is another preservative with an extensive usage and suspected to cause skin irritations. It’s also possibly a xenoestrogen (a carcinogen that complicates human reproductive processes and is correlated with breast cysts). Look out for butyl, ethyl, and propyl baraben as well. Isopropyl alcohol might be anti-bacterial but the fact that it’s obtained from petroleum should make you think many times before opting to it. It definitely shoud not be used in your your organic skin care regiment.

Methylisothiazolinone is another known preservative. Its effects are not expressly given but its being artificial should be a turn off. Paraffin (ever heard of paraffin tests?) is extracted from petroleum or coal and is a substance present in cold creams, hair removers, eyebrow pencils, etc. It’s similar to putting the petroleum ore itself on yourself. Propylene glycol is also derived from petroleum and sometimes from vegetable glycerin and is an agent for moisturizing. Lastly, sodium lauryl sulphate (another one from the sulfate family) is a detergent cleansing agent that leaves a drying effect resulting to irritations.

The best way to go organic in skin care is make your own products! Mother nature provides milder substances for organic skin care great for your skin. For your moisturizer, honey is quite a good alternative for organic skin care. Use honey with oatmeal and a little yogurt and you have a facial scrub. Tea tree oil is a known organic antiseptic which can be used in the treatment of minor blemishes.

On the brighter side, organic skin care is much simpler and available even in your kitchens. It saves your precious time and is also much more beneficial to your body.

Source by Milos Pesic