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How Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits You

Many people these days have started to make use of the sea buckthron oil because of the various benefits which are associated with it. If you are also planning to buy this oil but before that if you would like to know in detail about it, then you have landed on the right page as his article does explain everything about the same.

Sea buckthorn is one the few plant species that contains large amounts of omega 7 fatty acid which can achieve two crucial functions in the body. It helps with the reduction of the LDL cholesterol, which is the one source of cardiovascular disease. Second is, it can balance metabolism to speed up absorption of stored fat. Sea buckthorn has been shown to curb hunger which would improve weight loss.

This oil is a rich source of amino acids and Vitamin E. so if your body lacks one of these nutrients and if you are advised by the health expert to eat the products which are rich in these nutrients, then you can definitely opt for sea buckthron oil and notice its wonders. After you consume this oil for a few days, you will notice that the levels of amino acids and Vitamin E have increased in your body. The high concentration of these two vital nutrients make this oil unique and the preferred one.

Not only can you make use of the sea buckthron oil for cooking but, there comes a different oil of the same brand which can be used as a skin care product. There are a number of skin care products which are made up of sea buckthron oil. A few of these skin care products are the facial cream and body lotion. Making use of these skin care products will make your skin soft and supple and will help you in eradicating all kinds of flaws which are present in your skin.

This is a natural and an organic product. Hence, there are very few chances that this product will develop side effects. All the ingredients which are used in this oil are natural ones. So if you are planning to switch to this oil, then you should not worry about the side effects. The makers of the sea buckthron oil try to make sure that all the ingredients used are of high quality. Before actually using the ingredients, they screen it thoroughly and only after they find it to be fine, they use it.

I hope after going through the above mentioned paragraphs, you must have understood the benefits of this oil. With so many used of this natural product named as sea buckthron oil, don’t you think that it is just wonderful. So then what are waiting for just go ahead and make this oil a part of your life and enjoy the various benefits of this oil?

Source by Tippy Dowell


History of Skincare Part 10: The Early Middle Ages, 500-999

Light in the Dark Ages

After the Roman Empire fell, Europe was plunged into what is generally considered to be a period of darkness. During these so-called Dark Ages, little was recorded and little of what was recorded has survived. Nevertheless, most historians now believe that the Dark Ages may not have been so dark after all. During this time, European culture was in a state of flux. Although the Romans had retreated, they left behind many of their traditions. As an increasing number of Christian monasteries sprung up, they became places of learning as well as religion, and provided many monks, nuns and noble people with an education based in Classical scholarship. While the dominant Christian thought of the Middle Ages discouraged vanity, good hygiene was still encouraged and modest forms of cosmetics and skin care products continued to be used throughout this period.

Hollywood would have us believe that the people of medieval Europe did not bathe, but this is simply not true. While they may not have participated in the daily baths enjoyed by the Romans, they were still very conscious of their hygiene. In fact, many of the bath houses left behind by the retreating Roman army continued to be used by the locals. Villages which did not have baths, or which had allowed the baths to fall into disrepair, often built their own public baths out of wood and stone. They may not have had the grandeur of the original Roman structures, but they were valuable community facilities that were used by peasants as well as nobility. Some towns even had sweat bath facilities, although all types of baths usually charged a fee for admittance. Because of this, taking a full bath was often a weekly occurrence, rather than a daily one. Nevertheless, it was common practice to scrub the hands and face before meals and before sleeping at night. (You can read more about bathing in the Middle Ages here: http://www.localhistories.org/cosmetics.html )

A Medieval Fashion Statement

Compared to many of the societies that preceded them, fashion during the early Middle Ages was quite modest. This was largely due to religious beliefs that chastised women for being vain or salacious. Clothing was expected to hide the shape of the body. While most Medieval women did not veil themselves, their faces were usually unadorned. This modesty, however, did not mean that women did not care about their appearance. In fact, smooth, clear skin became more important than ever, because it was not covered up by powders or pastes. Pale skin was still associated with a high birth, due to the fact that the lower classes spent their days tending crops and livestock in the sun. Without the aid of lead or chalk, however, women had to resort to more natural methods of keeping their skin pale. Staying out of the sun was important, as were a number of herbal remedies and potions thought to lighten the skin.

In fact, it was not only lightness of tone that was important, but what was referred to as “fairness” or skin. This meant that the skin was smooth and clear and was not darkened by the sun. A woman with a naturally darker complexion was still considered to have fair skin, so long as it was not tanned. Because most of their bodies were covered by loose robes, the fairness of the face took on a great importance, and many women plucked their hairline to increase the amount of forehead that was exposed. (You can read more about the concept of “fairness” here: http://rosaliegilbert.com/skincare.html )

Using the Tools at Hand

Medieval women had a number of tools at their disposal that were used for cosmetic purposes. Mirrors made from silvered glass were common, as were tweezers, which were used to shape the eyebrows as well as the hair line. A number of skin care products were also made from herbs, plants and organic compounds that grew locally. Originally, many of these treatments were made at home out of wine and vinegar, infused with herbs. As the centuries passed, however, the concoctions became more elaborate, and the ingredients more rare. By the time of the High Middle Ages, most skin care treatments and their ingredients were dispensed by apothecaries. As Europe entered a new millennium, cosmetics would become more complex and developed than ever.

Source by Jill Knowles


Natural Beauty Care – Basic Skin Care Principles

In my first ezine article; Natural Beauty – Creating Outward Beauty From the Inside Through Healthy Choices, I discussed the benefits of being healthy, and how good health affects your appearance. In this article I will be suggesting some ways you can improve the health and appearance of your skin in particular.


As I discussed in my last article, what we put into our body is of huge importance to our natural beauty care routine. Water is such an amazing substance! It carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It is a very easy way you can help cleanse your body, fight sickness, and improve your skin. Drinking a good amount of water (8 to 10 glasses per day) will help in a huge way if you have any type of skin problem; eczema, acne or pimples; and for any skin troubles like dry/dull skin.

 If you want your water as clean and healthy as possible, install filters; these range from top of the line tap filters, to a simple jug filter. I would spend as much as your budget will allow, it is a worthwhile investment. Installing them in your shower/bath is a fantastic idea too, and will really help any skin conditions. 

Whole food supplements:

These have been shown to help our body in all sorts of ways. Our whole health is benefited, including our skin. It is of particular benefit to give your body a ‘cleanse’; there are many products out there to do this, and many are not good for you! I only use ‘Garden of Life’ ‘s 10 day cleanse…it’s fantastic, very mild but effective. Ask your local health shop for other recommended brands. Most of the supplements I use personally are also from Garden of Life; they are organic, high quality, and made from whole foods (not synthetic rubbish!). There are other companies that make great products too, so I would suggest doing your research, and finding the best ones to suit your needs and your budget. All supplements are not the same, so if you want the best for your body, it’s worth investigating further.

Something that is of great benefit to your skin is Cod Liver Oil…yes, your Grandmas were right! These days though, you can get it in capsules, or as a liquid; flavoured with nice ingredients for the squeamish! A pure, non-refined product is best. Cod Liver Oil will really help the appearance and health of your skin. Eczema is particularly helped, and if you have a child suffering with it, there are great ‘child friendly’ Cod Liver Oil products out there. 

Basic Skin Care:

This is something that is a crucial part of any natural beauty care approach. If you want to look your best, and have healthy skin, you need to at least do the most basic care. The best daily care is to ‘cleanse’, ‘tone’, and ‘moisturize’. A weekly ‘scrub’ or mask is highly recommended; these will clean off dead skin, help to keep your skin healthy, and help to combat pimples/blackheads etc. Scrubs are great for all of your skin, not just your face! It’s very important to understand your skin type, as some ingredients will help or worsen particular skin types. Which products you use will depend on your ‘skin type’, and there are solutions for every budget; there are many things you probably already have in your fridge or cupboard that can be used! I will be discussing basic skin care; skin types, products, and home remedies, in further detail, in another Natural Beauty Care article. 

If you can be disciplined with these three suggestions, your skins health and appearance will definitely improve, and wearing makeup will be less of a challenge, as it will apply much better to clean, healthy skin. Have fun! I hope you’ve enjoyed my suggestions. 

Bye for now.

Source by Gia Armstrong


Newborn Baby Care – How to Take Care of Newborn Baby

Giving birth to a child is sometimes really amazing and it is safe when the baby is in its mother’s womb. From the instant the baby emerges from the cocoon, you need to pay special attention and there is plenty of it in newborn baby care about “how to take care of newborn baby”. Know well what will be the newborn baby needs, except for the love that you offer. You need a good knowledge in taking care of the baby connected with food, sleep and skin. It’s sometimes excruciating that you can’t handle it to your wishes since the skin, eyes, bottom and other features are so delicate. There are some common problems with skin conditions like baby gerbils, baby acne, cradle caps and heat rash with sunburn common with newborns of any country.

Baby skin care: Skin care is the foremost factor in spite of its adaptability to the new environment. Skin is so red that it offers irritation and infection to every touch. So, it’s best to wash cloths with special detergents. Baby skin loses moisture quickly and it needs time to absorb and retain moisture to its need. So, keeping your child with cold or warm perfume baths daily is not suggestive but may be on alternative days suiting other conditions. New born baby care is so gentle that it needs special treatment. It’s best for protecting the baby from bacterial infection by using homemade baby wipes and diaper to cleaning your little ones.

Umbilical cord: Until and after the falling down, the area around the umbilical cord should be kept clean with hygienic soft cotton with alcohol application.

Head care: Head is so delicate with soft hair. To keep clean use only baby skin care natural shampoo perhaps the same product. The pulpy scalp is a protected area against rough handling when padding anything around it.

Heat rash and sunburn: Skin learns to accommodate with new surrounding and so nothing is there to worry. Whatsoever, keeping off the baby from direct sunlight for a long time should be avoided as a measure of infant care against heat effects. Protecting the baby appropriately perhaps with cheap baby clothing suiting to the weather is wise of the mother.

Baby acne and cradle caps: Baby acne may have its effect for the first two or three months but no need to treat unless infected. It is protected with homely and regular baby baths with natural care therapy. Cradle caps should be handled with soft brush to clean using some herbal moisturizer. It’s best to use natural baby products avoiding synthetic products like talcum powder complimented by organic skin care treatments to avoid dry skin.

Newborn baby care is not so easy to all. It is a skill with the parents especially the mother to know how to take care of newborn baby.

Source by Varadharajan R


A Few Kismis a Day Keep Wrinkles Away

Raisins, or kismis/kishmish as they are called in India, are dried grapes. There are as many kinds of kismis as there are grape varieties- green, purple, red, even champagne, to name some. The most common kismis are made from the seedless, green grapes called ‘Thompson Seedless’.

Kismis are made from grapes by a three step process which involves pre-treatment, drying, and post-drying.

Getting under the skin

Kismis are little purses of nutrients.

They are 72% sugars like glucose and fructose and good energisers. They also contain dietary fibre, are high in certain antioxidants, low in sodium, and contain no cholesterol. They are also rich in potassium and magnesium.

Glowing skin means fit within

The skin is the biggest organ of the human body. We always say “glowing with good health”. The real secret to great skin is good health and proper nourishment.

Kismis contain fibre that swells in the presence of water. This makes them a good digestive aid to keep bowel movements regular and thus rid the body of waste.

The potassium and magnesium content in kismis helps to reduce acidity and thus maintain the pH balance of the body in general, and the stomach, in particular. This is essential for healthy bodily functions. It also neutralises stomach acid which in turns reflects in a healthy and blemish-free skin.

Raisins are also loaded with iron, B-complex and copper: all good for the production of blood and the prevention of anaemia. Pale, flaky skin is often the result of low blood counts. A handful of kismis a day will work more wonders than all the beauty aids and skin care products that money can buy!

Black kismis, in particular, aids the liver in flushing out toxins. A clean body means clear skin.

The amino acids (proteins) and vitamins in kismis help in renewing skin cells. All those sun-damaged cells slough off and are replaced by their younger cousins. At the same time, the phytochemicals in kismis protect skin cells from the damage caused by the rays of the sun. Eating a handful of kismis will help to keep your skin young this way.

The antioxidants in kismis speed up skin repair and ‘plump’ out skin cells – like when you fluff a pillow. Kismis works magic by making fine lines, wrinkles and skin blemishes disappear.

Commercial= Cash

Unfortunately for the human race, quick bucks are the prime consideration in most ventures even at the cost of good health. This is true of commercial production of kismis too.

Have you ever seen grapes in the market? They have a liberal coat of white powdery pesticide which clings to them even after several washes. All this is transferred to kismis. Pesticide residues restrict the liver’s ability to process toxins and flush them out of the body.

Commercially grown kismis are also treated with sulfites to enhance their colour. This aggravates and causes asthma, respiratory and other allergies.

Grapes can be organically grown by using biofertilizers like manure and vermicompost. Pests can be kept away by using natural predators like ladybugs and praying mantises, bio-pesticides like a mix of neem oil and soapy water, and baited traps for common grape pests like aphids and flea beetles. Chemical-free grapes mean chemical free kismis. This is what the discerning consumer should buy.

Buy organic to reap the full benefits of kismis.


In truth, kismis can be enjoyed straight out of the container- neat!

Kismis are used in salads, in baked items like cakes and cookies, in confectionery and desserts.

They are fried and used to garnish both savoury dishes like pulao and sweets like halwas and kheers.

They can be used as healthy additions to breakfast cereals like muesli and homemade granola bars.

How to buy and store

It would be best to buy an organic brand of kismis which well-sealed packing to protect from moisture and moulds.

Choose kismis that are plump and fleshy; this dried out specimens are low quality. There is neither taste nor benefit in eating them.

Make sure that the stock is not old and is free from insect pests: humans are not the only connoisseurs of kismis!

Not only is kismis great for your skin, but it is also great for your overall health. The American College of Cardiology has recommended that eating raisins/kismis three times a day lowers blood pressure significantly. The next time you want to eat a snack or something sweet, don’t pop that chocolate or those chips in your mouth. Just treat yourself to a handful of kismis.

Now that you know the secret to good health and glowing skin, buy a good organic brand of kismis right away!

Source by Karthik Guduru


Weleda Products

The Weleda products are between the top quality organic and natural skincare products for epidermis treatment. The natural skin treatment is a smart way to revitalize your skin; it’s not a complete remedy in the event you have plenty of wrinkles. But organic and natural pores and skin products are can provide superb results to an extremely tired skin. Natural epidermis cures are increasingly gaining attention. Weleda offer organically produced products. It is an incredibly useful and protective treatment method for the epidermis.

Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil constitutes one of many top quality completely pure Weleda products. Citrus System Oil is particularly focused on restoring the dampness, glow and vigor of your epidermis. Weleda products are offered to many people worldwide. Tailor built rub oils are far more like prescriptions than simply easy lubricants. Therapeutic massage oils are derived from both mineral oils, like Vaseline or paraffin, or vegetable oils which might be sourced from normal, ideally natural and organic derivatives. Weleda Pomegranate Human body Oil is just one of the superb and natural skincare Weleda products. This anti aging and beneficial system oil is designed to assist the recreation mechanism of your epidermis and its attributes.

The restorative massage oils are the greatest I’ve used. Rub oils are a vital aspect of actual remedies that are taken for tension relief, psychological calm and actual leisure. Weleda therapeutic massage oils are deemed as an essential ingredient to what helps the stretched skin as their aroma performs a lot of features. Natural oils constitute an efficient strategy to ease your body of anxiety and develop power into it due to the fact that they draw about the most elementary of individual instincts, the perception of scent. Organic oils are likewise component of your intellect, system and soul of therapeutic and overall health treatment.

Source by Jerry Sonato


Is There A Difference Between Anti Aging Cream And Anti Wrinkle Cream?

Whether you’re purchasing your aging skin care products online, in the department store or at your local drugstore, you may notice one thing they all have in common: so many different ways of describing the process of getting older and how to age gracefully – if not avoid it altogether – that it can make your head spin.

Anti-wrinkle, lifting, anti-aging, toning and firming – with so many types of products and descriptions of how to get rid of wrinkles, how do you even begin the process of finding the right one? How do you differentiate between all the labels?

First, we have to take a look at the terms and what they mean. Unfortunately, this can be the most confusing step. Some products actually do perform different tasks; for example, some firming serums actually do give the illusion of firm skin, at least while the product is on your face, as it tightens the skin during short-term use. Similarly, anti -aging skin creams typically are used to prevent the onset of wrinkles and lines, while anti wrinkle face creams work to eliminate wrinkles and reduce their appearance so you appear younger than your actual age.

However, many brands use the terms “anti wrinkle” and “anti aging” interchangeably. This is something to be aware of, though these terms don’t necessarily mean the product won’t still provide your intended results. For example, regardless of whether the label describes the product as “skin cream” or “anti-wrinkle cream,” both types of cream should contain moisturizing properties, a characteristic that is good for plumping the skin and hiding signs of aging. This is because hydrated skin looks more youthful than dry, thanks to plumper cells. So regardless of what the label says, you’re still getting the intended results of looking younger.

Now that we talked about the differences between the various terms that can be used on the packaging of your products, how should you go about determining what you need in your anti- aging skin care line?

If your skin is still young and you are not yet worried about wrinkles, look for aging moisturizer and other anti -aging face creams, which will hydrate the skin and keep future wrinkles at bay for longer. However, if you already suffer from wrinkles, make an wrinkle cream your priority, and part of your beauty arsenal. The best way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles is to make sure skin is healthy, and that requires proper moisturizing and care.

Be sure to take into consideration your skin type so you can get the proper amount of moisture without encouraging excess oil production or too-dry skin, and remember that your moisture needs may change depending on the season!

Source by Samir Patil


Skin Care Products and Ingredients

There are lots of skin care products in the market, claiming better than the other ones. But it is really very difficult to find a suitable product for your own skin. Nature has provided skin with many protective barriers including five layers, secreting glands, thorough blood supply hairs and many more. Because, we have disturbed the nature, so in its revenge humankind is facing so many challenges in life, inflicted by nature. Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun was blocked totally by a protective layer of the atmosphere called ozone. But pollution and industrialization in the last century resulted in narrowing of this layer. Now, everybody is under the direct effect of these ultraviolet rays. This permanent exposure leads to many skin conditions and the use of skin care products is unavoidable these days.

Skin care products, as far as the ingredients are concerned, are of several origins including natural, organic, and synthetic. New trends in the formulation of these skin care products are making mixtures of agents belonging to all these three mega categories. Moreover, there are many homemade pastes and creams which had been practiced since centuries. Beauticians are really not very much against these indigenous beauty products but they argue that if we have knowledge about ingredients than there is no point in wasting so much time in the formulation of these homemade creams. It is rather convenient to buy it from a store.

The major problem in these skin care products is to find the best and suitable item for your skin. There are many ingredients in these products which can results in severe consequences such as chronic cases of acne, skin allergies, cellulites and many more. So, one should be very careful in the selection of these products. Some of the ingredients present in these products are not recommended by the beauticians. So make sure that the active ingredients should not relate to prohibited ones. Additionally, there are many products present in the market with very high prices as well as claims but their prices are increased only to draw the attentions of huge chunk of the society. It doesn’t mean that all the products present in the market are worthless; there are very nice and genuine brands present in the market which can be worth trying. Having knowledge about the type of your skin and suitable things for your skin is very important, if you’re worried about a healthy skin. You should have the knowledge of ingredients and combination of ingredients; for proper care of your skin.

Moreover, normal moisturizers and creams should also be selected cautiously. Excessive washing can also be dangerous for the health and vigor of your skin. Skin care before going to bed is very important because that’s the time when the body is almost at rest and skin got maximum blood supply; exchange of oil, impurities, glandular secretions and many other processes are going on in the skin. A little aid in shape of skin care products can be a great assist in it.

Conclusively, I may say that skin care products are very helpful for the health and freshness of your skin but its proper selection is imperative for its effectiveness.

Source by Yusuf Ziya Gulec


What to Look for in Anti-Wrinkle Creams for Eyes

The eyes are the most delicate part of our body. The skin around the eyes is very thin as compared to the skin of other facial parts. It is the natural phenomenon of our body system that with age wrinkles start to appear. These wrinkles occur due to either vitamin C, E or collagen deficiency. Our eyes are the first part where the visible signs of aging appear through the wrinkles.

One of the best ways to avoid these wrinkles is to keep your eye skin area hydrated. You can do it by either drinking a lot of water or using anti wrinkles moisturizing creams with either vitamin C or collagen. There are numerous brands available in the market, but you should be aware of the ingredients present inside those creams. As the delicate area of the eye is very sensitive to chemicals. Some products do not show the results as claimed, so stop wasting your money and learn about the product before using it.

The best anti wrinkle cream not only hydrates your skin, but also increases the content of skin protein to remove wrinkles. Some brands use the fillers to provide temporary effectiveness. So, products having those fillers or mineral oils should not be used. Furthermore, these products may cause acne on your skin, as they block or clog the pores of the skin.

So, do not be scared to spend a little extra, but buy the product that is worth your eyes skin. Natural ingredients are very important thing to look for in a product. Because during aging process certain proteins and vitamins gets depleted in your body. We have to take these vitamins and proteins from external sources like creams and supplements. So, usually the products containing such ingredients are expensive than the one containing only chemicals.

The blend of chemical and natural is also best to use because some chemicals are good to reduce puffiness of the eyes and natural substance help to restore the skin elasticity.

Another most important thing for eye care is to make sure you apply the cream gently if it is in the tube or jar. Rolls on are usually easier to apply, but do not rub your eye skin area harshly. Gently apply and blend it through tapping. Moreover, do not do not apply the cream near to the lid area as there are chances of cream to get into your eye and cause inflammation.

The best way to apply these creams is to apply them at night before going to bed, cleanse your face thoroughly, then apply a little amount of anti-wrinkle eye cream. Overnight, this will help heal your skin while you enjoy your good night’s sleep.

This might sound tiring, but to have beautiful young skin, extra care is needed for eyes

Source by Yasir M Chohan


The 7 Ugly Lies About "Natural" Face Creams

I was enraged after reading about what really goes into our face creams. With so many recent products claiming to be “organic” and “natural”, consumers are being lied to. I learned a long time ago that in order to have healthy, firm, and smooth skin, I had to ditch the common creams sold at the drugstore. There are too many chemical ingredients in them and they only do you harm in the long run. Here are 7 lies these big skin care companies tell you in order to make sales.

  1. Have you looked on the back label of your natural face cream and found an ingredient that says “fragrance”? That term can refer to up to 4,000 toxic ingredients. In order to use a truly natural fragrance, it would require the ingredient in very large quantities and the use of a preservative to keep it from going rancid. When you are looking for a face cream, fragrance-free is the way to go.
  2. Face creams that claim to cater to certain skin types like oily, dry, or combination are not natural and here’s why. A natural cream would not contain any ingredients that would irritate certain types of skin and it would be appropriate for all skin types.
  3. An SPF factor in your natural face cream will not prevent cancer; it can actually cause cancer. SPF factors consist of harmful synthetic chemicals that studies show are carcinogenic. Furthermore, scientists are realizing that sun exposure is not even the real cause of skin cancer, which instead has been linked to poor nutrition.
  4. The labels on face creams tout the benefits of the active ingredients they contain but when you have a closer look, they are used in surprisingly low concentrations. In order to have any effect, the active ingredients have to make up at least 50% of the product.
  5. Many skin care companies charge ridiculously high prices for their products, tricking consumers into believing that because they are expensive, they are of high quality. Ever notice how most of those expensive cosmetic products you find at the department store counters are always shown in glossy magazine adverts with supermodels and celebrities? These companies spend their money on marketing their products and not on research. Natural face cream that contains ingredients that were thoroughly researched and taken from the best sources is the kind you should be looking for. Don’t let fancy advertising fool you.
  6. Just because face creams contain a couple organic ingredients, they are not necessarily natural products! Those organic ingredients aren’t going to be very beneficial if they are combined with harmful synthetic chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, and others commonly found in face cream.
  7. Most of all, don’t believe that face creams are natural just because they say they are! Ask the company to prove it. If you can eat the product safely, then you know it is natural.

Your goal? Don’t believe the sales pitches for skin care products. Let the list of ingredients on the product label speak for itself. Since you are now aware of the lies told by skin care product companies, strive to find face creams that adhere to real standards. If you do so, you will not only see how much better you skin looks; you will feel it.

Source by Maricha Jordan