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Nu Skin – A Great Business Opportunity Or Just Another Pretty Face?

Nu Skin – It’s Ageless

An interesting company in that it markets a diverse mix of product lines, Nu Skin currently operates in 48 worldwide markets. Their product offerings include personal care products sold under the Nu Skin brand, nutritional supplements sold under the Pharmanex brand, and the Big Planet brand, a line of products that provides services to preserve, organize, share, and enjoy your photos and home movies. The company was founded by Blake Roney, his sister Nedra Roney, and friend Sandie Tillotson, and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009.

As with many companies, although it makes it no less admirable, Nu Skin includes charitable work as part of its mix. They provide meal packs (Vita Mix) that are designed for donation purposes to starving areas all over the world.

One of the top key items marketed by Nu Skin is the Galvanic Spa II system, which retails for approximately $350. The System is a programmable Galvanic Spa(TM) II Instrument with patented self-adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable heads-for the face, scalp, and body-and works synergistically with specially formulated products to facilitate the transport of key ingredients for optimal performance. It is considered to be the closest to a spa treatment that can be obtained for use at home. Nu Skin has about six products designed to be used with the Galvanic Spa II System, with retail prices between $32 and $60.

There are billions of dollars being spent every year in the beauty industry, not to mention all the money spent at spas and for spa products. Nu Skin is in a great position to capitalize on this ever-increasing market segment. However, most of the information provided by Nu Skin to its distributors is along the lines of product usage, and not on how to actually market and sell their products.

How could it be possible to go wrong with Nu Skin, with both personal and financial benefits to be gained? The issue is not with the products themselves, but with the lack of training on how to properly market the wonderful products. The companies system works basically like any other network marketing company: focusing more on recruiting distributors rather than providing training consultants with good marketing skills. This is where company really has failed, and neglected a golden opportunity.

My advice, if you are looking into Nu Skin, would be to really scrutinize your sponsor before signing up. Will he or she be there to train you on how to properly use the products? What training methods does the company support? The Galvanic Spa II does take some time to master before you can demonstrate it on a potential customer.

Also, how up-to-date are they in new marketing mediums? The old days of marketing only to friends and family are a thing of the past. Like any business in this world, you need to put at least as much time into learning how to properly market your business as you do working your business. If not your odds of success will be little to none.

Go in with your eyes wide open. This is a new day in marketing, and it is constantly changing. If you want a successful business, treat it like a business. Arm yourself with all the skills beforehand, keep current, put in the time, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Source by Mark Pepper


Best Shea Butter Skin Care Tips

Shea butter is one of the best treatments available from nature for dry and sensitive skin. Full of vitamins, nutrients, and protective antioxidants, this rich natural butter rejuvenates skin and restores healthy suppleness and softness. Dry skin responds quickly to the skin conditioning nutrients of she butter with increased moisture retention, softness, elasticity and smooth youthful texture. Moisture retention also helps to repair skin damage caused by dryness.

Shea butter relieves dry skin and:

– Moisturizes and promotes elasticity to keep skin feeling supple and soft.

– Helps to even skin tone.

– Softens dry skin on feet and heels.

Reap the beauty benefits of this natural moisturizer with these tips:

– Cut back on long hot baths and showers. These feel absolutely delicious in winter, but soaking in hot water removes precious oils from skin. Warm water is best, and for extra dry skin try not to bathe / shower for more than 10 minutes.

– Use natural vegetable soaps. These soaps are made from pure vegetable oils and provide gentle but effective cleansing. Shea butter soaps are extra gentle to skin and provide moisture rich cleansing making them an excellent choice for dry and sensitive skin.

– Blot your skin dry with a towel after bathing or showering. Vigorous rubbing with a towel after bathing can over dry skin and cause itching.

– Apply she butter moisturizers while skin is still damp to help seal in moisture. For moisturizing dry skin, rich buttery textured creams work best. Body butters and creams that contain 20 to 100% shea butter are very beneficial for hydrating and protecting dry skin.

– Do not scratch itchy skin. Try misting skin with spring water and immediately massage in shea body butter or cream. You will be amazed at how fast the itching stops!

– Increase the humidity in your home in winter (especially your bedroom) with a humidifier or bowls filled with water. When using bowls of water be sure to add more water to the bowls as it evaporates, and clean and refill bowls with fresh water every few days to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

These simple tips will provide quick and long lasting results. Try them for silky soft, healthy looking skin.

For more information about the beauty benefits of she butter visit Esan http://www.sheabutterbyesan.com

Source by Kim Mujahid


The Advantages of Using Organic Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel Sets

In modern houses today bathroom is considered to be desirable and filled with luxurious items such as sauna shower, steam shower, spa bath or towel rails. Even with much effort you put into your bathroom to make it totally soothing and comfortable as possible, it is never complete without the most essential and personal item which is the bath towel. Most of us distinguish a bath towel for drying oneself after every bath in which the shape, look and feel of it is at all times important.

It should be 100% cotton to make us feel the softness and comfort. However, at present time we witness the effect of global warming which brought about the introduction of a brand new organic bamboo cotton bath towel sets. These towels are created out of bamboo fibers that may provide an environment-friendly option to the line of quality cotton towels in the market.

There are advantages you can draw out from using it and there are many reasons why people buy a bamboo towel. First, is because of the organic nature and supple feel it can give. Second, the high absorbent fabric it provides which the quality may stand out from the rest of the towel. Third, it can absorb more moisture and its breathable nature makes it comfortable to use.

Different from other cotton crop, bamboo offers strong durable fibers and one of the highest productive plants in the world. Bamboo is grown without pesticides and because of its milder resistant it can be a great choice for people with allergies or sensitive and scratchy skin. In addition, when bamboo bath towels are used during hot seasons it makes our skin cooler or warmer during cold seasons. Aside from that, the durability of its fiber brought about the fabrication of a new towel that can be used for a longer period of time depending on how you care of it.

Bamboo towels are in its best when you are satisfied with its durability and softness. Once you acquired a bamboo towel you will just love it and preserve its bizarre gentleness. Unlike other cotton towels, bamboo towels have an after effect in washing like the usual color fading and cloth shrinking. So oftentimes it may seem to be long- lasting durable towels but get dismayed when in just a few washing it becomes discolored. All the softness and gentleness are gone which leaves it rough to use.

The toughness and durability of bamboo towels are different from any other usual cotton towels. It offers you the guarantee of long- lasting softness and fluffiness you cannot resist to use. The durability is always considered when shopping for new towels and the price is as cheap as the ordinary towels found in stores.

However, before purchasing the bamboo cotton bath towel sets be sure that the shop can be trusted and can give you the quality you are looking for. Always remember that choosing the right bath towels will save you time and money. Also knowing how to take care of it is very advantageous on your part.

So, go and buy bamboo made towels for your home now!

Source by Briana Watkins


Find Out How I Beat My Eczema in Just 10 Days! 5 Great Methods to Defeat Eczema

In this article I will illustrate precisely how I combat my Eczema in less than 10 days! I did not use any sort of creams, lotions or tablets! I will show you 5 cost-effective ways that you can beat your eczema using solely natural and organic methods!

Eczema affects millions around the world, it is calculated that there are over 34 millions dermatitis patients around the globe and these amounts are rising every year.

Skin dermatitis or eczema as you know, is a skin disease that causes overwhelming: itchiness, dryness, soreness, inflammation, redness and in some cases bleeding.

Most people possess a tendency to blow thousands of dollars each and every year over costly clinical drugs such as: creams, lotions and capsules to get comfort from the above warning signs.

Clinical care is effective however not solely it is high priced it also cause deadly everlasting side effects! Solely because they are made from harsh materials and these nasty chemicals will react quite badly on the long term.

Natural and organic therapy on the other hand uses natural ingredients which includes: berries, veggies, plants and vitamins and minerals and hence they cause zero unwanted effects and they are remarkably thriving healing eczema or any other disorder!

And this is what I’m going to reveal to you!

With Natural and organic remedies I was able to whip my eczema in less than ten days! Something that I never could, using medical remedies outlined earlier.

Here are 5 secrets that can assist you to reduce/cease eczema:

#1 stay clear of wool garments: wool is definitely a scratchy garment and since eczema causes extreme itchiness, wearing wool clothes: will make it worse! Therefore don’t wear wool dresses: instead wear cotton garments: Cotton unlike wool, is an extremely soft, smooth and itchy free material; by simply wearing cotton wear your will ease the itchiness caused by eczema almost instantly!

#2 avoid milk products: dairy products such as milk, yogurt and even ice cream should be avoided while experiencing eczema.

#3 oatmeal: mix oatmeal with water and create your very own homemade cream for eczema. Simply apply this organic cream over the infected area and leave it for at least 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. No more pricey drugs!

#4 water: drink at least two litres of water a day, water is natural body moisturiser which means by drinking the daily proposed amount of this liquid you can drastically diminish ski dryness and hence diminish eczema.

#5 stay away from scratching: this is actually the most critical and possibly the most difficult one to avoid! Scratching yourself may offer you momentarily relief however by simply doing this scratching act you are developing the eczema elements! All this means one step forwards and then ten steps backwards! Therefore no matter how tempting you feel do not scratch!

Source by Smit Chacha


Argan Oil And Cactus Oil Are The Two New Revolutionary Natural Skincare And Haircare Products

Organic Argan Oil from Morocco

It is obtained from the nuts of Argan tree.

The argan tree’s low cultivation region of 700,000-800,000 hectares in the South Western part of Morocco makes it a unidentified class to many individuals. The Argan tree’s nuts are crushed to receive very useful oil. The leftover part is used for uses like oxen feed and for warming.

Berber women of the district have been producing and using argan oil since centuries for eating as well as Moroccan medication purposes.

Citizens abroad are more and more interested in this oil either for its cosmetic and nutritional qualities. The argan tree has reasonably a long life of about 150 to 200 years due to its resistive property. The Argan tree has very well modified itself to thrive and outlast in the hot and dry conditions of the South Western regions of Morocco. In order to search for water Argan plant’s roots penetrate quite deep within the ground to look for water which in a way in rather beneficial to keep the soil intact, check soil erosion and restrict the progress in the desert area. Argan tree not only maintains the proportion of the nature but also help the people financially. In 1999, UNESCO added the argan tree to the World Heritage List.

More than a third of the Argan trees have vanished in less than 100 years. The Argan tree have fruits that are green in semblance. They look like an olive but are bigger and rounder. There is a stiff shell nut between the fruit which is about one fourth of the flesh yield weight. The argan fruit nut may have a utmost of three kernels which is the source of Organic Argan Oil

The process involved in producing argan oil are very grueling and time consuming since they are done manually by man. The processes involved are to get the nut of the fruit and then break the hard shell to gather kernels. The kernels are roasted by heating them mildly and then grounded in a stone circular quern.

Subsequently the kernels were hand-mixed with mild water to form a dough. It was from the dough that had been extracted that the oil would be obtained by hand. Currently mechanical presses are being introduced to pull argan oil. The purpose of mechanized presses alternatively of manual job has saved a lot of time in producing 1 litre of oil. The mechanical presses are deployed to do abrasion and extraction once the kernels are roasted. The storage life of the obtained oil is much longer as water is not added to the dough and also extra oil is extracted. Cracking the nuts, the procedure which takes a elongated time is still performed manually. No heat or solvent is used during the extraction of the oil. The Moroccan Argan oil is slightly darker than olive oil and has a fruity flavor.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccan oil is processed from the fruit of Argan tree which grows solely at very few places in the earth. This tree is native to Morocco. The advantages of this oil for skin maintenance have been known to the female from Morocco as tree originates in Morocco. Nowadays, research reports have also established that argan oil is rightly. Benefits of Argan oil for skin:

The normal use of argan oil makes the skin softer and at the same time eliminates number of skin problems. The use of it offers number of benefits and some are highlighted below:

It has components such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E which are antioxidants. The oxygenation of the cells aided by the components in argan oil helps shrink importantly the impact of free radicals. The components within the Argan oil acts as a level to look after the skin resulting into the nutrients for the skin come back into the cells.

It is a very much good skin moisturiser. Argan oil, as a moisturizer, is known to be more advantageous than other items such as oilve oil and shea butter. it behaves this way since no cholesterol is present in the oil. Wonderful measure of fatty acids are there in argan oil.

Moroccan oil is proficient of controlling the process of sebum, an oily element released by the oil glands present under the skin. Sebum can increase greasiness of the skin and this can be unpleasant to humans with oily skin. it can reduce this oily look of the oily skin.

For acne related ailments, argan oil is known to be reasonably effective as it has disinfectant properties. The application of Organic Argan Oil

decreases skin redness and soreness. It has qualities for curing skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and others.

It is efficient in maintaining the balanced pH level for the skin. It can also protect the skin from the sun, pollution, tension, smoking; all of which have bad effects on the skin.

it is beneficial in masking the gross scars caused by skin disorders such as acne, chicken pox, and in a few cases scars left after burns.

Aging has the effect of making skin firm and generating wrinkles on the outside surface of the skin. Skin gets rehrdrated with the repeated use of argan oil and that effects into fewer wrinkles, more supple and firmer skin. Because of its anti-aging compounds, it works for filling skin deficiencies and at the same time get rid of wrinkles.

Throughout maternity, extend marks appear on the stomach as the skin loose its real flexible characteristics due to over stretching of the skin. Throughout pregnancy, the use of argan can make skin more supple hence reducing stretch marks on the skin surface.

Mineral makeup incline to dry up the skin with usual Utilization of such a merchandise. Such a difficulty can be prevented with the help of argan oil. All you have to do is to utilise one or two drops of argan oil on the skin 5 minutes before utilization of mineral makeup. Argan oil will keep the skin hydrous and no more dry skin.

In addition to its utility for skin, Moroccan Argan oil is also helpful for hairs and nails. Fragile nails can get back their effectivity with the use of argan oil. It helps to withdraw dandruff and forbid hair loss.

Argan Oil Info

It comes from the nuts of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa).

Since Argan tree is simply discovered in Morocco’s South Western part,very few persons are conscious about this tree. The nuts of the Argan tree are broken to get a oil with a lot of advantages. The remaining is used to feed the oxen and nuts shells for warming.

For centuries, Berber women of this area have produced argan oil which was used for their ingestion and traditional Moroccan medication.

People abroad are more and more concerned in this oil either for its decorative and nutritional properties. The argan tree is very resistant in nature and hence can inhabit for roughly 200 years. It is absolutely adapted to the fruitlessness of the South Western regions of Morocco. Argan tree has roots that can go deep-seated inside the soil for search of water which stops soil erosion and stops the progression of the desert. Argan tree plays a key function in keeping the bionomical balance and the economic state of the people. The World Heritage List also has the Argan tree, added to its records in 1999 by UNESCO.

A large number of the Argan tree population has already vanished in less than a 100 years. The fruits of the Argan tree are green. The Argan tree has large and circular fruits. Inside, there is a stiff shell nut which represents nearly one quarter of the flesh yield weight. The Organic Argan Oil is obtained from the kernels which are formed within the nut. The process involved in the argan oil making is a very tough and a toilsome process realised by hand. The steps involved are to get the nut of the fruit and then separate the hard shell to collect kernels. The kernels are roasted by warming them in a meek flame, cooled and crushed in a stone rotary quern.

A dough is then formed by mixing the roasted kernels with water. Man can then extract argan oil from this mixture manually. Recently preset presses have been introduced to derive argan oil. This has substantially reduced the amount of time required to derive 1 litre of oil. Once the kernels are roasted, the mechanical press takes care of the abrasion and extraction. The quantity of the obtained oil has increased somewhat considerably by adding no water to the dough and the oil can be stocked for an lengthy time period. The most overwhelming time of the process, cracking the nuts, is still accomplished by hand. Neither solvent nor heat is used for this oil extraction. The obtained Moroccan Argan oil tastes like nuts and has a darker color than olives.

History of the argan tree

« Argania Spinosa », better known as the Argan tree, is a wild, rustic and resistant species of tree with small thorny branches, which grows exclusively in South West Morocco, in the Berber region encompassing the cities of Essaouira, Agadir, Taroudant and Tafraout.

Its origins can be traced back to approximately 80 millions years ago when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth. The argan tree covers an area of about 3,000 square miles (approximately 20 million trees).

Because it faces extinction, the argan tree has been classified as part of the world’s universal heritage by UNESCO and is being actively protected to preserve the unique and extraordinary virtues of this national emblem.

Indeed, the argan tree can be used in various ways. Each piece or by-product of the tree can be utilized as a source of revenue or food. The tree has incredible ecological and physiological properties which make it practically the only species adapted to survive in these arid and semiarid regions.

When it comes to soil and grazing-land conservation, and the fight against erosion and desertification, it is nigh irrepleacable.

Thanks to its roots, which can grow several meters long, this priceless tree has a key role in preserving the soil, which it enriches with organic matter from its falling leaves. Researchers have catalogued up to 100 different varieties of plants under a single argan tree, and their survival can be solely explained by its protective shelter.

The argan tree isn’t sensitive to heat and requires very little water. Its roots can grow up to 30 metres long in order to reach deep underground water. In case of a drought, the argan tree will shed its leaves to resist the evaporation process and will enter « sleep mode ». When the humidity level rises, it suddenly comes back to life.

However, it is important to note that an argan tree can only produce between 10 and 30 kilos of fruits per year, and to produce one liter of argan oil, 38 kilos of fruits are required, or 2,6 kilos of the kernels.

The argan tree has survived for thousands of years and its history is deeply enmeshed with that of Morocco’s. Thus, It has become the treasure of the Berber regions of Southern Morocco.

Argan oil and its virtues

100% natural argan oil is extracted from the oleaginous kernel of the argan tree.

The biological and nutritional qualities of this oil are excellent, and it posesses multiple cosmetological, dietary and pharmacological virtues.

For centuries, Berber women have been producing it to provide for the dietary needs of the local population. Traditionally, they’ve also used it for their everyday beauty needs.

The natural virtues of Argan oil have been proven through several scientific studies performed in Morocco, Europe and other continents.

Its major biochemical components are recognized for their health benefits.

Argan oil is one of the rarest and costliest oil on the planet. It has been proven as being the most effective beauty oil on the market, for all facial, hair, nail and body care.

Argan oil is a rare and unique natural treasure. Rich in vitamin E, it is especially recommended for dry or aging skins.

It is without a doubt the best solution for revitalizing your skin. The efficacy of its beauty secrets have been proven time and again throughout the centuries.

An oriental elixir with priceless virtues, argan oil offers relaxation, beauty and well being.

It is a rare and precious treasure that has become much sought after. Rich in vitamin E, it nourishes the skin and preserves its elasticity.

It works wonders on wrinkles and dry skins, and diminishes considerably visible acne scars.

It is rich in natural ingredients that play an important role in cellular renewal.

In the traditional Moroccan materia medica, argan oil is used to counter the negative effects of age and the climate on the body.

It promotes the eradication of acne, chicken pox, pimples and other various skin irritations such as stretch marks, chaps and burns.

It is also used for hair care, by promoting shine and lustre. It nourishes brittle and dull hair in depth, and strengthens their growth, giving them added resistance.

Argan oil has no equal when it comes to treating brittle and fragile nails.

And finally, it relieves joint pains and is valued for body massages

We offer two brands of Argan oil: Dietary argan oil and cosmetic argan oil.

Dietary argan oil undergoes a roasting process which differentiates it from cosmetic argan oil. Its delicious hazelnut and grilled almond taste, which gives it its deeper tint and tempting odour, is very distinctive. It possesses outstanding physiological qualities.

Cosmetic argan oil, on the other hand, doesn’t have a strong odour. It is almost odourless and its colour is lighter than dietary argan oil.

The virtues of argan oil:

♦ Argan oil stabilizes hypercholesterolemia by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

♦ It reduces hypertension.

♦ It possesses appetite-suppressant properties that combat obesity (when consumed during the morning meal).

♦ It acts positively on liver function.

♦ It neutralizes free radicals and protects connective tissues.

♦ It revives and stimulates cellular transfers and oxygenation by improving the quality of intercellular cement.

• It works to mitigate the drying and physiological aging of the skin (anti-wrinkle properties) by restoring the hydrolipidic film and by increasing nutritive contributions at the cellular level. It also contains Schottenol, which has been found to have anti-cancerous properties.

• it is used to treat chronic deafness and ear aches.

• It is used to reduce risks of myocardial infarction and cardio-vascular problems.

♦ It is recommended when risks of atherosclerosis are present.

♦ It is used for rhumatisms and joint pains (osteoarthritis).

♦ It is recommended in cases of sterility (azoospermia) and when there are risks of miscarriages (general medecine uses).

♦ It stimulates and develops cerebral functions.

♦ It is also used to massage newborns and infants.

2.4 Biochemical composition of argan oil

Research studies conducted on the argan tree have been widely reported on these past few years. In this chapter we aim to show you the interesting nutritional, cosmetic and therapeutic properties of argan oil.

Its chemical composition is interesting: it’s (99%) glyceric acid and (1%) non-saponifiable.

80% of the fatty acids in argan oil are unsaturated acids. Respectively, the oleic and linoleic acids make up 45% and 35% of the total, which gives the oil excellent dietary qualities. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid, because it cannot be synthesized by the body. Food intake is the only source. Recent studies performed by nutritionists have shown that essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic, etc…) are biological precursors of prostaglandins, intracellular hormones. These play a fundamental role regulating different cellular systems, especially cellular membrane exchanges.

Essential fatty acids play a role in the permeability and in the barrier function of the skin. A deficiency in fatty acids, which becomes inevitable with age, causes skin aging, which translates into dryness and the loss of cutaneous elasticity and enables the appearance of wrinkles. Reversing the deficiency in essential fatty acids slows down the cutaneous aging process.

The non-saponifiable substances contain hydrocarbons, 37.5% of carotenes, 7.5% of tocopherols, 20% of triterpene, 20% of methyl sterols and sterols, and 6.5% of xantophyll.

The search for provitamin A, in the form of trans-carotene, in argan oil was negative.

It is rich in tocopherols: 620 mg/kg (olive oil: 320mg/kg). Vitamin E is known for its eutrophic properties. It contributes to a normal nutritional balance and the steady development of the entire organism.

The triterpenic fraction is made up of Tirucallol, of Amyrine and Butyrospermol. The sterolic fraction is primarily made up of Spinasterol and Schottenol. These sterols can rarely be found in vegetable oils. According to certain authors, Schottenol is active in a particular plant (Agyratum conyzoides) whose sap is used in India to treat various skin ailments. In the case of the Ipomopsis aggregata species, the Schottenol glucoside has been found to have anti-cancerous properties.

The chemical composition of argan oil that we have just described has fueled well targeted research on its intrinsic qualities. In terms of preservation, the works of Chimi et al. (1994) have shown that it resists the autooxydation process much better than olive oil, thanks to its polyphenol (56mg/kg) and tocopherol (620mg/kg) contents.

The nutritional study was performed in vivo by Belcadi (1994).This study has shown that:

– The intake of argan oil leads to a modifiaction of the membranous PUFAs comparable to that caused by peanut oil.

– This oil, which is relatively rich in Vitamin E, elicits the stimulation of enzymatic activity linked to the detoxification and antioxidant defense of cells. This results in a reduction of the membranous susceptibility to peroxydation which is, according to some authors, the cause of aging. [Sohal and Allen,1990; Ames and Shigenega 1992; Harman 1992].

The traditional use of argan oil to treat cutaneous dryness and the physiological aging of the skin has motivated some French laboratories to incorporate it in cosmetic products. It is currently being used by Galenique (Argan line), Yves Rocher (Acaciane line) and by Colgate Palmolive (dermatological soap ‘Antinea’).


Virgin argan oil stands out thanks to its specific chemical composition characterized by:

♦ A significant unsaturation due to high levels of oleic and linoleic acids. This essential fatty acid (from the omega 6 series) must be complemented by omega 3 fatty acids to improve the nutritional value of argan oil.

♦ A wealth of tocopherols which helps with the preservation of the oil during storage and throughout the culinary processes, and insures a good dietary contribution of antioxidants.

♦ A sterolic fraction giving the oil potentially sizable therapeutic and anti-cancerous virtues.

♦ A fraction of Triterpen alcohols containing lupeol, endowed with well-established anti-inflammatory properties.

Source by Younesse Zeroual


10 Ways On How To Use Argan Oil In Your Daily Skin Care

100% Cold-pressed Argan oil produced from nuts of Argan tree growing in South-western Morocco is pumped by essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins (mainly Vitamin A and Vitamin E) and minerals that promote your overall health by moisturizing, softening as well as protecting your face and hair from sun damage. As it is free of harmful toxins and parabens it provides healing properties for a variety of topical uses.

1. Night-time Moisturizer

Argan oil absorbs quickly and does not leave the skin greasy. After cleansing your skin with an all-natural cleanser, pour one or two drops into your palm to warm. Apply in a circular motion to your face and neck. This oil is gentle and safe to use around your eyes.

2. Skin Toner

Either add 2-4 drops to 200ml of your favourite toner or make your own chemical-free toner at home! Just pour 1 cup of boiling water over a green tea bag and let soak for 7-10 minutes. Remove the tea bag and let the tea to cool down to a room temperature. Then add a drop or two of your favourite essential oils (orange, lemon or tea tree oil, etc.) and 2-4 drops of the oil and seal in a jar. You can use it daily every morning and every night after cleansing.

3. Exfoliant

To make your own exfoliant from Argan oil is easy. Just mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with a couple of drops of the oil in your hand. Rub this mixture into your face in a circular motion for up to four minutes, then rinse out with warm water and pat dry gently. You can use this exfoliator for more than just for your face (dry elbows, heels or just during an at-home pedicure, etc).

4. Acne Remedy

Just place a drop of the Argan oil into the palm of your hand and lightly dab a bit extra into problem areas.

5. Stretch Mark Remedy

As stretch mark prevention warm 2-3 drops of pure Argan oil in the palms of your hands and gently rub into your stomach, hips, thighs or any other problem areas. If you have some stretch marks already, massage the oil mixed with brown sugar into the affected areas before your next bath, then rinse well and apply the oil to the affected areas before dressing up.

6. Razor Bumps & Burn Treatment

Warm one or two drops of Argan oil in your hands and lightly massage into the affected area. Argan oil is an effective treatment soothing the skin after shaving for both, men after shaving their beards as for women after shaving their legs.

7. Whole-Body Moisturizer

Just add a couple of drops of Argan oil to your favourite carrier oil (coconut, olive oil, etc). In case of any dry patches on your heels, elbows or other areas, massage an extra drop into those areas for immediate relief.

8. Nail & Cuticle Treatment

Apply just a tiny bit of Argan oil onto each nail and rub into the nail bed and cuticle. Leave on until all nails have been treated, then wash and rinse thoroughly. The oil will keep your cuticles moisturized so you don’t develop painful hangnails.

9. Foot Treatment

Just rub 2 drops into your feet, paying special attention to the problem areas. Depending on how dry your skin is you may need to apply a couple of more drops to fully moisturize the area. Cover your feet with a pair of soft, warm socks to give the oil a chance to absorb in. Leave the socks on for at least 20 minutes, ideally overnight. Then use a warm washcloth to remove the rest of the oil from the soles of your feet.

10. Lip Conditioner

Argan oil is also a wonderful lip treatment/balm replacement! Simply rub in 1-2 drops and wipe away any excess. It will relieve cracked lips and it will keep your lips soft, smooth and conditioned.

Source by Milan Podhrazsky


Moisturizer For Oily Skin and Its Basic Components

How do you choose moisturizer for oily skin? Finding the right moisturizer for different skin type may be a challenge. For oily skin, what should be the standards?

Oily skin is caused by overly productive sebaceous glands. Although when you have an oily skin you will likely not have fine lines and wrinkles, but it is not also good to have skin breakouts, larger pores, and to top it all off- a greasy face or skin. Having the wrong moisturizer may worsen your condition and make you look even greasier.

Obviously, an oily skin needs a special care. You do not need moisturizers that contain mineral oils and other natural substances that have oil in it. This is because your pores will clog all the more. So, the general rule then is to make sure the product is really oil-free.

So what is the composition of moisturizer for oil skin? First and foremost, is it must be water based. Some are in glycerin based or gel based too. The moisturizer product must also be easily absorbed by the skin. This is because of its based form. It must contain Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). This natural and organic substance will give you a non-greasy look.

Though we mentioned that moisturizer must be oil free, but then there is always an exemption to the rule. The tea tree oil, lavender oil and lemon oil are alright because these three kinds of oil will not give an oily result on your skin. These three oils when mixed with Aloe Vera gel will give your skin a healthy glow.

Now prior to applying the moisturizer, you have to make sure that you cleanse your skin properly using a hypoallergenic cleanser. This means that it must be soap and oil free facial wash. You also need to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to get rid of the dead skin cells. Then toner that your skin must be using is an alcohol free toner. After all that, you can now apply the moisturizer for oily skin.

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Restores Balance to All Skin Types – Jatamansi aka Spikenard

Narde restores balance to the skin’s natural sebum production and is good for ALL skin types. Superb for skin care and rejuvenating mature skin Narde is excellent for healing many skin conditions.

Helpful for calming allergic reactions and reducing inflammation of tissues.

Narde promotes healthy skin through stimulating circulation of blood, lymph and nerve supply.

Skin nourishing use Narde to support the formation of healthy skin tissue and for maintaining a clear, smooth complexion and youthful appearance.

Narde may be helpful for treating chronic or stubborn skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Narde has antifungal properties and may be useful for athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

May help alleviate dry/oily and itchy skin, hair or scalp conditions like dandruff or seborrhea.

A heart regulator Narde promotes respiration and digestion!

Narde stimulates the male hormonal system.

May be useful for balancing the female hormonal system, especially during onset of menses at puberty and during the pre- and peri-menopausal phases. Narde may help relieve hormonal disturbances like insomnia, hot flashes, rosacea, headache and night sweats.

In Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient system of healing practiced in India, the sweet, woody and pungent aroma of Spikenard helps to regulate and pacify both Vata and Kapha Doshas and aggravates Pitta in excess.

Symptoms of Vata imbalance are premenstrual syndrome, constipation, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, anxiety and worry.

Symptoms of Kapha imbalance are high cholesterol, low metabolic forces, slow to lose weight, fluid retention, stagnation and blockage, lethargy and depression.

Highly recommend in an aromatic mist!

AROMATIC MIST ~ This is a favorite way of mine for using aromatic oils. You may use as a facial toner, an all over body freshener, or as a room spray and deodorizer. The amount of oil you use depends on the purpose of your aromatic mist!

1) Face – 8-10 drops

2) Body – 30-40 drops

3) Room and air freshener 80-100 drops

To 4 ounces of distilled water add your oils, shake well and spray!

BLEND WITH: Clary Sage, Geranium, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Myrrh, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver.

CAUTION: Due to its hormonal action avoid Spikenard during pregnancy.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many cheap, synthetic copies of aromatic oils, but these are not recommended for therapeutic use. For best results purchase the highest quality oils you can possibly find. Use certified organic essential oils, or oils that have been tested and are pesticide free.

Aromatherapy is a gentle and noninvasive complementary health care system used for balancing and synchronizing your body, mind, spirit and emotions to enhance your health. Properly administered essential oils are a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being and can produce satisfying results where other methods have failed. Please consult with your physician regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self diagnose.

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Great Montreal Cosmetics Companies

Montreal is a city that has long been known for its amazing sense of style, in all facets of life including fashion, architecture and interior decoration. Montreal is also known for something else though-its ridiculous amount of beautiful women of all shades, heights and sizes. It can be no surprise then that a city full of ladies armed with beauty secrets is home to several local cosmetics companies. Here is a list of homegrown makeup and cosmetics brands whose products are worth trying.

Kode Cosmetics

Women with darker skin tones have long complained about the difficulty of finding affordable makeup at drugstores and big-box retailers. These women quickly learn to head straight to the higher end makeup counters and pay higher prices if they want to have the flawless look they are looking for.

Launched in 2015 in Montreal, Kode Cosmetics aims to provide high quality cosmetics to women of all skin tones. They promise to deliver bold, edgy, and rich colors at a price that will make any woman’s budget happy. Kode Cosmetics can be purchased through their website.

Zorah biocosmétiques

Argan oil has known a huge popularity around the world in the last few years. Also known as Moroccan oil, it provides many benefits for the body and hair. Long before this cosmetic oil became trendy, however, Montreal company Zorah biocosmetiques chose to base its entire makeup and cosmetics line on golden liquid.

All of Zorah’s creams, lotions, and makeup are developed ecologically, with fair trade and organic ingredients being their top concern. This Montreal-based cosmetics company has been winning awards since it started in 2003. Zorah cosmetics can be purchased through their website as well at local retailers across Canada.

Shmink Cosmetics

Headquartered on Decarie Blvd in Montreal, Shmink Cosmetics was started by an experienced makeup artist who knew he had the knowledge to create a makeup line that really suited the needs of his clientele.

There are over 30 different product lines offered by this local company. Of special interest, women can benefit from professional training through Shmink Academy, where they learn to apply their own makeup like pros. Students receive many advantages such as free makeup applications and eyebrow shapings. Shmink makeup can be purchased on their website and at their counter on Decarie Blvd.

Dot and Lil

People are more and more mindful about what they choose to eat, and there’s an equally large movement concerning what they put on their bodies. Montreal cosmetics company Dot and Lil caters to a clientele that craves natural goodness to keep their skin nourished and soft.

Their handmade skin care products include bar soaps, body butters, bath milks, lip gloss and perfume oils. In addition to cosmetics, Dot and Lil also offer a range of handcrafted soy candles, 100% cotton towels, and vintage porcelain dishware. Their products can be purchased on their website and at local retailers throughout Canada and the USA.

I hope this article helped you discover local Montreal beauty brands you’ve never heard of before, and that you were inspired to go out and give them a try. You’ll be happy you did!

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Closely Guarded Secrets of Natural Healthy Skin Care That Will Make You Young Again!

Healthy skin care which is effective and scientific can do wonders for your beauty and can give you a glowing and vibrant skin naturally. This article shall provide you with some closely guarded secrets of natural healthy skin care that shall make you young again!

Healthy skin care is to the skin what food is to the body. A natural healthy skin care regimen can go a long way in keeping you free from aging signs like wrinkles, saggy skin, age spots and dark uneven complexion. In fact, it can give you back young skin which is naturally glowing.

The selection of the right skin care products is paramount if we want to have healthy skin. You should be vigilant as not all products available in the market are of a genuine quality. There are lot of them which are made up of harmful chemicals that can do long term damage to even those who have healthy skin at present.

We hear a lot of hype these days on “natural” and “organic” products for healthy skin. Now, because applying these words to the products makes them sell so fast, they are highly abused words and are used indiscriminately on skin care products. They may contain harmful ingredients also. Thus you need to scrutinize deeply the ingredients that are contained in the skin care products that you are using.

You need to be watchful against these toxic substances which are clinically proven to cause widespread harm to our healthy skin –

1) Mineral Oils – These moisturize the skin for a temporary period. Then they end up clogging the pores and causing skin allergies, irritation, inflammation and acne eruptions. They are used because they are cheap. They are very harmful for long term skin health.

2) Parabens – These are used to increase the shelf life of anti aging products. A higher shelf life does not improve the quality or effectiveness of the product, it just fattens the profits of the product manufacturers.

Parabens cause cancer. They also cause disruptions in estrogen levels of females.

3) Fragrances – They are used to give a nice smell to skin care products. But as they are made from artificial harmful chemicals, they cause a lot of problems like allergies, irritation and disrupt the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

There are many more hazardous chemicals that are being used in so called “healthy skin care” products. You should avoid them as much as possible in the products that you purchase.

Just as important it is to safeguard and prevent our skin from such evil villains, it is also advisable to provide our skin such natural substances which are rich in vitamins and naturally skin rejuvenation properties, as a part of healthy skin care regimen.

One of such amazing natural substances that I have discovered after years of research is Phytessence Wakame. It is an extract of a special type of Japanese sea kelp. It is one the best kept healthy skin care anti aging secrets of Japan.

Phytessence Wakame is rich in vitamin B complex which includes vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and it also has lots of calcium, iron and potassium. It works very well in anti aging and gives smooth creamy complexioned skin. It is anti inflammatory, improves skin moisture and elasticity.

It is a powerful antioxidant. Its unique feature lies in the fact that it helps preserve the hyaluronic acid in our body. This acid works together with the youth giving proteins in our body called collagen and elastin, to give us a soft, supple and pliant looking healthy skin.

It forms part of most effective healthy skin care creams. These are the kind of natural substances that you should look for in skin care products that are scientifically proven to give you the firm, young and healthy skin that you were always looking for.

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